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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Finds :: Snow Surprise!

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What a wonderful way to wake up this morning!  And, to have found an unexpected
and snowy surprise - out doors.

While it was snowing harder and prettier than this, this morning.  I dug up an old photo of Caleb - doing the very same thing this morning.  Trying to catch a few of those "surprise snowflakes" with his tongue.

Wow!  It really was a pretty snow.  So soft and gentle.  Covering everything in sight.  Those big ole flakes.
Till the bus came by, which came late today, later than usual, both Caleb and I looked like little frosty snowmen!  Well, one big one and one little one. ;)
The kids really are funny!
I told you that we've been making snowflakes, over the past couple of days, and taping them to our dining room window.
The kids, they get me every time!  "Hey Mom, look! - it's snowing", they'll say, pointing to the window.

This morning, they were right!  But by later today, I'm sure a nary one'll be in sight!

S"no"w Surprise, there!

Enjoy your weekend!  Whatever, the weather..


  1. Adorable photo of Caleb... and dont ya just love being home and it snowing outside.. I do... so dislike driving in it though... loved the handmade snowflakes too...

  2. Awwww! We love the snow, too! We have been blessed with so much lately. Sadly it is now raining and 37 degrees. So sad. :(

  3. Hahah! I love that you're kids are puny! ;) I'd probably fall for that too! We are suppose to have warm weather - which would be great because we are buried in ICE these days! And frankly I'm sick of it!! I don't mind snow in the winter but all these weeks of ice are quite treacherous! Heading to a friends' 40th tomorrow - so birthday fun and warm weather...thinking it should be a might fine weekend!! All the best to you lovely people! :D

  4. Lovely post and photos ! We are in a melt down as the temps rise and rain is here . It will be a sloppy mess by the time all is said and done . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  5. S is for SNOW...and I love it that your kids get you every time when they call you to look at the snow and they are meaning the snowflakes they made!


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