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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm thinking...

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Today, I'm thinking of friends and family all cozied up, bundled up, across our nation.
Baby! it's cold outside.  Be safe!
Here, in our neck of the woods, we have been privileged with a recent mega-bout of rain that near washed all of our pretty snow away.  And, the sun is shining!  Which makes it look deceiving until you set foot outdoors... well, even before that.  Until you open the front door...then it is, you realize...it is very cold outside.  Repeat:  VERY COLD outside!

I think of my brother - who is outdoors pounding the pavement - delivering mail.  He walks a near 10-mile a day through any sort of weather - just because - oh how, we love our mail!  Yes! indeedy..

I think of the menfolk in my life; my two other brothers who are out laboring - one in construction, the other - working for a moving company.  Men in general, particularly my husband, - who work so hard to provide albeit whatever the job and where ever it takes them.  (Thank you!)

I think, while sipping on hot coffee, of all those that don't have the blessing of heat (maybe), or electric or running water - in these frigid temperatures.  Not, like we do.
(the children and I were talking about this at breakfast, this morning... we are so blessed!)

Weather, like this, makes me think of ALL the things that I should be doing.  Such as, cleaning out closets or baking bread or just cleaning the house in general.
I really do have no place to go.  I really  have no excuse.

 And then... there are things that I want to do.  It's more like this, this is the kind of weather that makes me think of things I would like to do.  Just because...
 It's cozy.  It's calming.  It's creative.

Instead, we, the children and I, sit around and cut out snowflakes - taping them to already frosty windows.  Or, talk of ice skating...past, present and future. Which, that is cozy, calming and creative, too!  Yes!
I'm thinking of things like what I had an opportunity to do on New Year's Day - but that didn't happen.
I had a chance to go to be with cousins and Aunts, my Mom - sitting around a quilt frame.  However, my children were on the edge of sore throats and sporting runny noses, at the time, and  I didn't want to take any chances of sharing any lingering or potential germs...with my one cousin's little guy who is recovering from Leukemia.
I still think of the fun that would have been mine that day!

Sitting there with needle and thread in hand, slipping it in and out of layers and following design - keeping track of who's conversation was going where and what were my kids getting into, etc.

H.W. Pierce., Quilting bee in the olden time, done for centennial exposition, colonial revival


Listen to this.  Here is a fantasy-would-be-dream of mine...(sigh!)
From a 1930 diary from Upper Frederick Township, Montgomery County:
September 2,  Tuesday:  Put quilt in a frame.
  September 5, Friday: Finished quilt.We will assume that the writer of this diary knotted rather than quilted the quilt, since the diary also states that during this time she also canned three baskets of peaches.
~ copied from, The Quiltie Ladies' Scrapbook, Variable Star Quilters

Here is the deal. Like this quote says; which is more my reality...

You will never find time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it. ~ Charles Buxton

I think.  If I know you- you'll start reading between the lines.  


  1. Stay warm, my friend! It is a whopping -4 here at 1 pm. I am so thankful for our wood burning furnace and the bright sunshine streaming through my southern windows!

  2. I love it when you think out loud like you did here today, Bevy. One of the things I truly appreciate about you is how you are always thinking of others with their best interests at heart. Grateful that you get to stay inside where it is warm...along with those sweet peeps of yours.

  3. Wow Bevy, your mind and mine were thinking of so many of the same things today. Yes, it was VERY COLD today. Chilled to the bone cold! When I walked out to get the mail today I said a little prayer for the mail delivery man, the UPS driver, etc. all those that had to be in the elements today. We had a family get together last night to celebrate our son's 30th birthday and we were all talking about how hard our husband's had worked to provide. My mom, myself and now my daughter in law all were able to be stay at home mom's. And then today with the cold we all had been discussing how blessed we were to have shelter from the cold and prayed for those that don't have. Also today I kept thinking of all the things I should be doing but not...mainly I was just too tired. I actually took a much needed nap which is a rarity but it sure felt good. A great day to just snuggle under a nice warm blanket. I was thankful for today. It was a cozy, calming day...not too creative but that's ok. Maybe tomorrow! Hope you have a great night and stay warm. Melanie P.

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  5. It was 23 here in texas yesterday morning! For us, that's really coooollldd! Brr! It has been cold lately, I've been burning pretty candles, and making lots of hit chocolate! Ihave been drawn closer to home even with all the kids
    eaither at school or work.
    I'm so very thankful for warmth.
    Christina gomez


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