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Monday, January 6, 2014

Shelter {Mugs & Muffins Winner}

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Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms.
~William J. Bennett
One of the things that I've been trying to instill within my children is to be grateful for shelter.
I know that shelter can be anything.  And sometimes what appears to be a form of  "shelter" - can still be ripped away and lost forever.
Shelter is meant to be temporary.  A place of refuge...particularly in storms.
But - on the contrary - I would hope that my children would know that "under HIS wing" can we truly hide.  That there is where true shelter is and only there.

Home ~ safe in Jesus!
This kind of shelter will stand and lasts forever.
Every word of God proves true; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.  
 ~ Proverbs 30:5

We pray for those that would seek shelter.
We pray that our hearts would be open to sharing - shelter.

We pray that our home is shelter.
A place of peace.
Forgiveness & Grace.
A place safe enough to be real.
Home is a place for our feet to come and go - but our hearts leave never!

You are the winner of the Mugs & Muffins Giveaway!

Patty ~ please email me your mailing address so that I can get this out to you - ASAP!

:: Tea Wallet w/tea, and book! ::
Congratulations, Patty!
Psst:  Finally!  there are two other Tea Wallets, for sale, in my shop!


  1. Yeah ME! I am so excited I never win anything when there is a giveaway. I am thrilled...I love visiting with you Bevy.. This post makes me think of a book I read a few years ago and is still one of my favs...it is calle L'abri...which means shelter in french. It is about the life of Francis and Edithe Shauffer.. It is still a working shelter for the Lord today...So many go there seeking refuge and guidance.. Sarah Young...the editor of the "Jesus Calling" which is so popular....she spent some time at the shelter....When it all comes down to it... Yes, He is our shelter.. a permanent shelter... We can always find refuge in Him.. Always love your positive and faith filled posts.. May you be blessed as you speak boldly for our Lord. Have a great day and stay warm.. Blessings!

    1. Yeah! I'm so glad you won, too! I always pray about "who" the winner is to be and for this person ... and it always blesses me just as much to see or hear how the winner responds! It always seems evident that God cares -uniquely -even in as little as a simple blog giveaway.

      ~ blessings on your day, my friend!

  2. Bevy, I hope this Monday morning finds you and your family, cuddled inside and warm and toasty... It is a cold one here in Ky... snowy, Even though I am a summer girl, I do enjoy days as these as well, knowing that I can just sit by the window and read, no place to go... I loved your post today, and weather like today makes you really cherish Shelter... but I cherish that I am covered by God's everlasting shelter.. these days seem like I cant read enough of his word, and oh I am learning so much... I just read a wonderful book by Liz Curtis Higgs-- The women of Christmas, oh my such a good read... she is a wonderful author... and Ann Voskamp-- The Greatest Gift another good one...
    Have a great day, and thanks for always inspiring, and enlightning me.... Stay warm...

    Congratulations Patty....

  3. Lovely post ! I like the photo of the bird house . Congrats to Patty Summer . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day 1

  4. Love the photo.... so beautiful. And your words are perfect for today!

  5. Hi Bevy,
    First I want to say congratulations to Patty for winning the mugs and muffins giveaway. I won last month and just like you...I never win anything. When I read that I had won even my husband was surprised and couldn't believe it . HA!
    I sure am happy and thankful for shelter tonight. Oh my...the winds sure are blowing and it is getting mighty cold out. I sure hope the dog doesn't need to go out too often tonight. We have a little yorkie and she usually has to go out during the night. I also hope the power doesn't go out!
    Beautiful post today, Bevy, our shelter, our home is only temporary. It could be taken away in a second. Our only true and everlasting shelter is found through Jesus.
    Hope everyone stays warm tonight!!!! Melanie P.

  6. Yes, your homely words of warmth are perfect for today:-)

    Stay warm!

  7. Bevy, I received my package today!!!!! It is beautiful and I did not expect the book.. So happy! Thank you so much for such a beautiful give away... I am going to enjoy my mug of tea and the book... May you be blessed many times in return for you giving heart.. Blessings!


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