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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spreading the love around..

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Just thought we'd share a few more of our snowflakes with you today!
The kiddo's are home from school (cancelled!) today - probably due more to the -13* weather (wind chill factor) that we have going on here, in our neck of the woods.  So, we're enjoying yesterday's snow from indoors today, as best as possible. (smile!)

Happy Homes
It takes such simple homey things
To hold a family together;
It's keeping home fires burning
Regardless of the weather.

It's keeping home life cheery
And a kitchen spick-and-span,
For these things do bring happiness
To children and to man.

The smell of gingerbread,
Or warm cookies row on row,
Are two familiar things
Our children ought to know.

Oft repeated prayers of thanks
For life's meat and bread,
Can sustain our restless hearts
And keep our minds well fed.

Love and peace and harmony,
And kind words daily spoken,
Are keys unlocking happy homes
With no hearts sad or broken.
                                                     ~ Mabel Wilton
We are grateful for food and shelter and one another!
Lord, may this ever be our prayer...


  1. That is a great poem. It should be given to all newlyweds!
    In fact, I'm going to a wedding soon and will make a copy for them.

    {{{{Stay warm}}}}

  2. Love the views from your window...beautiful!!! I haven't made snowflakes like that in years, looks like a fun thing to do again. I loved the words to the poem... Stay warm today and enjoy all your children at home. I always loved snow days and school being cancelled!!!!! Melanie P.

  3. Bevy. Nothing like homemade Snowflakes... so unique and one of a kind.. loved the poem... Snowed in here today in Ky as well... making a new pantry list and plans for a indoor herb garden... I so want to get my menu/food budget on track... I find it hard to conquer... but I will keep trying... Stay warm and enjoy those sweet kiddos at home today... Bless you friend...


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