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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stokin' the fires of home!

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With the forecast snowy and white today - I thought I'd stoke the fires of home today!
Expecting both son and hubby home early today; respectively, from school and work.  I think the call is 6"-10"  10"-15" of snow - unless that has changed, since reading last.

Just here watching and listening to the girls playing so nicely (for the most part!); enjoying a lit candle and takin' in some sewing...
Of course!

As well. I think there'll be a nice BBQ chicken dinner, this evening, with a side of homemade coleslaw and this here yummy cornbread.

Come on home, boys!  Come on home!


  1. Bevy, Snowy and cold here in Ky today as well, 4 inches and still coming down... so thankful that Kylie is home from school, Hubby is off work today, and I worked last night so I didnt have to today... Hope Caleb and Scott get home soon... Its so nice to everyone home safe in weather like this... Chicken is on my dinner menu today as well, but I think mine will be Chicken and Dumplings... but then again Fried Chicken sounds Yummy too... Looks like your sewing is going well, and what beautiful fabric... I use to sew, craft, and paint ceramics... dont do much of any of that anymore... although I have been trying to make a few wash cloths like Amanda makes for my home use... I love how pretty hers are... Kylie learned how to knit last week and she is Knitting like crazy... which I find wonderful... she is in a Knitting club at school... Scarves are what she is learning at the moment... She is so down to earth and loves all things simple... If there is Drama she checks out... which I am so glad, because most not all 15 year olds are so into that... I am blessed... Anyway, I hope you dont get too much snow, but if you do, stay warm and enjoy being inside... love and hugs

  2. Yes, you are right 6-10 inches. At least that's the last I heard too! I went to work at noon only to be told the library was closing at 12:30 because of the weather. Be careful out there. The roads here in Philly are icy!

    Mexican food for me tonight. I'm trying out a new recipe.

  3. We woke up to enough snow/wind in Central Indiana to delay school by 2 hours. It is always a relief when my husband and daughter arrive home when the weather isn't the best.

    Meatloaf was on our dinner table tonight. Your dinner sounds great and I just might change this weeks menu around to squeeze it in.

    Enjoy your winter wonderland!

  4. I must try out your recipe for cornbread...my husband loves cornbread!! We had quite a bit of snow. It sure looks pretty but it sure is cold. Yesterday, our son and his wife had to go to CHOP for an appointment for our little granddaughter to have a MRI. They were there longer than hoped and had a terrible time getting home in the midst of the storm. It would have been an hour drive home but it took them 4 1/2 hours. We were so thankful when they finally had called to say they were home. We had stayed in touch and knew it would take a long time...traffic was at a standstill. Once we knew they were home we were able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the snowfall. Love the picture of the candle burning...I did quite a bit of that myself yesterday. I didn't do any sewing but enjoyed making some laundry detergent. Stay warm and cozy!!!!!!!!! Melanie P.

  5. A welcome homey...sigh from the sewing to the candle and the yummy supper:-)

    I waited all day yesterday for the six inches of snow that folks here were talking about. Instead we got a dusting of white. The children are out back "sleigh riding" in a dust of snow. My goodness I sure with you would hurry up already Bevy and send some of that snow!!!

    Your photos tell a peace filled story.

    Stay warm!


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