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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is Home?

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A world of strife shut out -- a world of love shut in.
The only spot on earth where faults and failings of fallen
humanity are hidden under the mantle of charity.
The father's kingdom, the children's paradise, the mother's world.
Where you are treated the best and grumble the most.
~ Anonymous

A place where the cozy and comfort and chaos collide.

How is your home doing this evening?


  1. Such a lovely reminder of what's important. I think it is true that it ought to be the most comfortable place on earth. May the Lord help us as Mothers make it so. Blessings to you! Camille

  2. Lovely words with such truth.. Thanks.. xo

  3. Bevy, I have no doubt in mind but what these words you've shared here are real in your world...I wish we could spend time together in person.

  4. Tonight our home was comfy, cozy and calm...tomorrow will benoisy with laughter, joy and love when our son and family and my parents are all coming for dinner. Melanie P.

  5. All is quiet, except for the hum of the furnace.
    Soft music is playing in the other room.
    All is well.


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