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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Daybook in February

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FOR TODAY ~ Friday!  the last day of the month!  Really?  Somehow this month got away from me (Yes! likely excuse.  Take it and run..!) and so, here we are.  Our Daybook for February.

Outside my window... VERY cold overnight and blistery this morning.  BUT - beautiful, beautiful sunshine.  Can't complain..
This is Winter... the way it should be.

I am thinking... it does smell like snow in the air - and I know they're calling for some..over the weekend and into Monday.

I am thankful... I say this all of the time (to my children!) - we have so much to be thankful for.  Warm home, comfortable beds, good food, clothes...our Salvation!

In the kitchen... are dishes yet to clean up from yesterday.  (sigh!) Yesterday, I cooked up two roaster chickens. Picked the meat and put away several bags of delicious cooked chicken for future meals.  One thing I did do yesterday, which was a HUGE HIT!!!, was to make a *new for us* dish. I made Chicken Gravy over Waffles for dinner.  No recipe.  Sorry!  That's not always how I fly..
Except:  I guess I could share the waffle recipe.  (very good!) - but I'm sure everyone has their hands on a good waffle recipe.  Perhaps?

I am wearing...**BTW: I greatly dislike this prompt**  I get caught wearing the usual; a black t-shirt and my favorite jean skirt all of the time.  (like me for my honesty!?)... but one thing I am wearing is a dab or two of Citrus Bliss Essential Oil (doTerra) behind my ears..

I am creating... still working on several bag orders.  I have at least two in the line-up... and more on my mind. ;)

I am going... to be taking some things to our local thrift store.. hopefully this afternoon!  It's a feel-good feeling to "pass a few things on".

I am wondering...what it's going to be like without my next-door-neighbor-friend...Amanda!  She and her family are moving this weekend.  I'm going to really, really miss my our times of chatting "over the wash line" or out on the front porch(s).  Sometimes it would be hers or sometimes mine..

I am hoping... for the best! for their family.  As they adjust to a "new home!", etc.

I am looking forward to... what the Lord has for our next *new* neighbors.  We already know who this will be..

I am (currently) reading... Unglued, by Lysa TerKeurst.  I have talked about this recently... in recent blog posts.

I am learning..  The more I'm aware the uglier it is.  Maybe I should say the more real it is.  Awareness is good.  But, the grace of God in the reality is even better.

Around the house... my "to-do" list is lengthy... and so...

I am pondering...some of the "biblical" and deep questions my son has been asking here of late.  Some of things he comes up with... ?!?!?  I don't want to laugh but you know what I mean... they are too much, sometimes.

A favorite quote for today... "God, of your goodness, give me Yourself, for you are enough for me.  And only in You do I have everything."  ~ Julian of Norwich

One of my favorite things...waking up, from a good night's sleep, to the quiet strains of music coming from my alarm clock.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Ha!  this is plan.  Get through the remainder of this day!

A peek into my day...

Let's talk about these geraniums, for a minute. Besides, the fact that I just wanted to add some pretty color to your day - as well as mine!!  I was just thinking about them this morning, as I was getting dressed for the day.

Both of these hanging plants are being "wintered-over" (over-wintered!)  in our upstairs bathroom and bedroom windows. And, they're thriving well...

They're hanging in there (pun, fully intended) - waiting.  They don't need a lot of fuss or attention.  They're just waiting.  I do this every winter!!

Why is it that we, as humans, get impatient and want to buck the season that God has us in?  - you could call this some more of my pondering(s)...

Well, friend!  Enjoy your day!  and your weekend...

I love hearing from you! via your comments or emails..
Oh - And - I do want to say a special "hello and welcome" to some of our newer friends who have recently decided to follow along here at Treasured Up and Pondered.  Thank you - all - for reading... you are a delight!


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  1. Hi Bevy...Thinking of you tonight as you say farewell to your dear neighbor.
    Wishing her well, too!

  2. Another beautiful post Bevy! Such a sweet and peaceful life.... I am more and more aware ofthe need of simplicity in my life....Every time I stop for a visit I enjoy reading about your days.. We have so much to be aware of and thankful for.. Now.. Geraniums...Wow! Those are just beautiful.. right now, we are under a Winter storm warning...more snow, ice and sleet.....I cannot wait for blooming flowers....Thanks for that little pop of color and delight.... Have a great week and blessings!

  3. Very interested in your essential oil perfume. Does it retain fragrance for long?

    To have cooked and de-boned chicken for the freezer is a blessing. Good for you for taking the time to put this by.

    BTW. I dislike this too:-)

    One of your favorite things, a good nights sleep. Me too. Me too:-)

    Enjoyed my visit with you today!

    1. Hey Amanda - good to have you stop by, here, as always!

      To answer your question ... this Citrus Bliss (doTerra) essential oil. I guess I haven't noticed how long it retains it's fragrance, persay. I wear it because it makes me feel good. Its calming.. and well there are days when I need a little extra help. Plus the fact that it just smells so nice.

      Cooking/oven roasting and deboning chicken - is probably one of the most common and necessary standard activities for my kitchen. Don't like doing it.. much. But again... the best!!

      Thanks for reading...

  4. Hi there, Bevy :) I had a lovely time scrolling through your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures - I even hopped over to your sweet Etsy shop :)

    So thankful to have come across your blog and am now happily following along. Looking forward to visiting again. Hugs and blessings!

  5. Hello there Stephanie -
    thanks for taking time to say "hello".. I hope and pray that you'll find it to be a blessing to read here - each time you do.



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