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Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's Finds :: Icicles and Smiles

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I know we talked about this a lot this week... this weather and all it's glory.  Or not!  You all have your own "photos and imagery" out your front windows to enjoy... and, you all have your own thoughts about it.  Some of you are on the same page as I and love it - and others of you (generally speaking, I'm sure!) are so over this book. :)  You've reached  - The End.

But - bare with me, one more day - at least!  Please?

Welcome to Friday's Finds!

Yesterday, I had to run to town, about twenty minutes away, or so.

I want to tell you.  I felt like an absolute kid in a candy store.  A girl among diamonds!
I could hardly believe how absolutely beautiful my little afternoon drive was.  I couldn't stand it that I didn't have my camera with me.  I wish I could fully describe how I felt - while seeing all this beauty.

I  felt a bit like the Apostle John doing his best to describe what he saw in his vision of the Holy City..(read about in the book of Revelation)...except that the Apostle John described what he saw very well.  I can't!

What an awesome God we serve!
His Creation is so marvelous.
If this is so beautiful then how WAY, OVER-THE-TOP, BEAUTIFUL
Heaven must be!!  I can't wait...to see it for myself!

So, this morning while waiting for the bus.  Gasp! we actually started on time today - a regular day of school!
I grabbed my camera, and headed out the door with my son.  My hope was to capture some of this icy beauty, everywhere.  We did a little... but, it looked nothing like yesterday!

  All of this...this beauty... gave us something to talk about while waiting for the bus!  We realized...
our love for icicles are the same.  We smiled!!

Caleb found one this morning and begged to take a photo of it.   See his icicle hanging off the barn roof..?
See the mist rising off the barn!

And, just as he went over to grab it for a lick - I snapped a photo of him, reaching, and of course - the icicle  fell from his hand and was "lost" to pieces, in the crusty snow.  I assured him that that was probably okay... it most likely wasn't the cleanest icicle to lick anyway, coming off the barn roof..

And, soon his bus arrived!


All this to say,  even the "ugliest" bushes out there are beautiful.  I mean.  This ice that is formed around each of the intricacy that God has created...is amazing!  Every single branch and stem..

I know that there are many, many, many - even in our local area - who have struggled through this past storm (and perhaps even still are) to see the beauty in all of this.  Being without electricity, water or heat was certainly not easy.  And it most likely was a stretch to their faith.  If that was you - you were in our thoughts and prayers.. for sure!
Okay.  One more photo...

We're leaving here, this week, with another smile or two.  The girls and all of us (for that matter) are grateful to God for his healing touch and restoring us all back to health.  That was where our challenge came in.
Not fun, at all!


May you have a blessed weekend!!


  1. Your girls are too cute for words! :) And that beauty....yes, SO declares the glory of our Great God! How amazing to think that Heaven will far surpass any of the beauty of this old world...just think! Hugs to you! Camille P.S. Thank you for sharing that yummy cornbread recipe...hope you don't mind that I linked to your post...I am glad you were surprised at the end of that post...how fun! :)

  2. I cannot tell you how much this Aussie girl, LOVES you pictures. I've never seen a snow flake fall, and right now, we're in the middle of our third heatwave for the summer. (Over 100 degrees today!)
    Thanks for sharing your part of the world and all God' beauty I would never get to see otherwise.

    PS - I'm your newest follower. :)

    1. Welcome Dorothy! I feel like I've seen your face before - out there in blog land - and, so I'm glad you came by, here, and wanted to hand around. Thank you!

      Your comment reminded me..
      Last winter we got hit pretty hard. My husband has a cousin who is from Australia. Actually, she is from here in the states by got married to an Aussie. :) They had a stateside reception and some Aussie's (from their wedding) came - obviously. These guys had never seen a snowflake either and they COULD NOT BELIEVE they got to enjoy one of the biggest snowfalls in all of the area ... while they were here. Just their enthusiasm was hilarious.

      You are welcome! I'm glad to share in all of God's beauty - with you and others.. it's really a wonderful thing.

  3. Lovely photos and post ! I am fed up with winter this year here in Ontario Canada but at the same time love it's beauty when I get out there and enjoy it up close and personal with my camera . Glad you all are feeling better now ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  4. Your photos are beautiful... I love how Caleb was trying his hardest.. and Your girls so adorable... brought a smile to this girls face today for sure... I am glad you are joyful even in the bleak of winter.. we all need to find the joy as you have, especially myself...

  5. Your photography keeps getting better!

    Love these snowy and icy photos!


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