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Friday, February 21, 2014

From this to this to this..

. ... ... ... .... .. ... ... .. .. ... .. .. ... ... .. ... .. .

All in a couple of days - relatively speaking - we go from this to this to this...

Beautiful sunrises..
Showing off beautiful ice sculptures...
Heavy snows..
The deep tinges of Blue, fields of blue..
Ice and wind.
Loss of limbs and downed trees...
The need for warmth of fire and hearth..
More shoveling..
to the
Thawing (you could hear it!) with warmer outdoor temps and plenty of sunshine..


And, as for today?
Dense fog..
Heavy, heavy rain with thunder and lightening..
The obvious of flooding has begun.
Grey and Pink skies with an evening setting sun and more light fog...
Soon... all twill be Mud.

One word comes to mind.

Replenish the earth.. fill it! (Genesis 1:28)

The Old Snowflakes are everywhere and getting ugly, however... I know some NEW ones are on their way, sometime next week, so they say.  (sigh) Yes, even I am starting to sigh.  As much as I have thoroughly been enjoying this Winter season...

I'm getting ready for some... green grass...
Yes! is that what they call it?
Oh to feel it `tween the toes...

But that is the benefit of all of this snow and rain and storm.  Our earth is being replenished..  Nature takes care of itself - with the pruning of trees, etc.

God is in this!

He makes everything beautiful - in it's time!

Have yourself a wonderful and safe weekend!

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