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Monday, February 17, 2014

{Keeping it Real} When love isn't perfect.

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There has to be some irony here, somewhere.

Hanging on to the all-things-lovely a bit more...making Valentine's Day last on into the weekend. 

I had it in me to bake cookies. Really?  Cut-outs?  On Saturday!  Oh, and I should have known better.
I like never do cut-outs.

But, here we are! We we're doing the heart thing... and the sprinkles of red & white...

And, I flip.
As in, I can't do this anymore.
It was too stressful.
I shew them off... as though they were stray cats or dogs around my feet.  And I said that, too!

I saw the look...of a broken heart or two.

And then I cried. And, I apologized.  I took a deep breath and counted my blessings and we tried again.
All it took was her granted forgiveness, and HIS, to soften this, this messy ole heart of mine.
I counted my blessings even more..

What do you do when love isn't perfect?  When loving isn't perfect?  
Can I still pass the cookies?  Anyone?


  1. Bev, I made cut out cookies on Saturday too! heart ones! It was very very stressful!

    1. Oh Heather. Thank you for your "understanding" and relating...
      You want some more irony?

      You, of all people are going to get this...since you work at the radio station, you'll recognize this song in a heartbeat.

      While out and around this morning - since the kids did not have school again today - for President's Day, they were asking to play some radio in the car. I obliged... and wouldn't you know the song "Everything Falls" by Fee was playing and I had to laugh to myself... at God's gentle reminder of the very thing that I just posted here.

      When everything falls apart...I find HIM mighty and strong.

      And, I was only baking cookies.. sheesh!

  2. I mixed up sugar dough on Thursday and because of time restraints and not wanting to delve into the messiness.... The dough is still in my fridge. SIGH! I know I have to do them today and I'm really not wanting to. I love your honesty in this post. LOVED IT! Thank you for being so real. There have been too many times for me to count when I have absolutely lost it with my children. In all honesty I'm not good with having them in "my" kitchen. I'm too much of an order freak. It's something I need to work on and am working on.

    1. Well ... as you've read, Jenn. I'm right there with you. YOU sound like me to a "T" in this comment. Because, I'm afraid... there are and have been way more times that I don't "share"... and would rather just do all things myself - in order to avoid moments like these (can we say sanctification?) and yet - in the long run that won't "Help Me for the future"...I know.

  3. My family knows that the kitchen is off limits when I am in there making something for us all as I cant stand it when they stand around in my way around the counters , so they sit at the kitchen table and chat to me whilst I am busy . There are times things and life just gets to us . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  4. Hahah! Oh I laugh because I totally understand!!! :P I too did heart cut out cookies (but I did mine on Wednesday) BUT I know I have little patients when it comes to these things, so I made my dough the night before and just left the cookie rolling, cutting out and decorating to the day I had with my kiddos! I still had to keep my heart in check but it went much smoother then I thought it might! I did also give myself lots of time - because I know when I'm pressed for time I LOSE it and that's not fair to them! :P Oh the heart...and the irony! ;) ♥

  5. And that is exactly what you teach your children! You fail. You apologize. You seek forgiveness and then you try again! This is true for all of us...
    The cookies look delicious! I wish I had one right now!
    You are still a good mama....xo

    1. Thank you, Kristin. You're right! this is what we teach... totally by example. While we're trying to or not.. they are watching.

  6. Love you much, Bev!! ~G.

  7. I can totally relate, Beverly! Even to the point of apologizing and starting over! :(

    But, now that my daughter is older and is responsible for most of the cookie baking around here, if my little guy wants to bake, my daughter gets the joy of letting him help her :) I don't get involved at all! Except to break up fights...!

    So even though watching my children get older is heartbreaking for me, there are some tiny benefits to it!


    Oh, and I didn't forget! I am still working on your package!


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