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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Which way, Mom? Tell me again..

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Short and sweet thoughts today!

I have this certain little five year old girl - who simply loves to help set the table!  APPLAUD LOUDLY!
 Yes!  Having a chore chart around the house has paid off... or, is paying off.
She can't remember - always - how to place the silverware correctly.
So, I'll often hear her calling from the dining room as to how it should go..
(for the record, I do realize that the knife is turned the wrong way..)

Now.  This one is not original with me... but I pulled this little ditty "out of my hat", so to speak, and shared it with her in hopes that it might help her remember.

It didn't.

Here it is:
The Silver-ware Family was having a serious conversation..
Pretty soon it turned into a fight.
After awhile the Fork - left.
Because the Knife and Spoon were ALWAYS right.
Not that I'm implying the need for this sort of conversation...I certainly don't want to encourage this kind of behavior - especially at the table.  Heated conversations?  Walking away?  Being, the one, "always right"... ?

 But... what other kinds of ways or words are helpful to "remember" this art of setting the table, besides the fact the good habits don't die easy?  Her continuing to do this little job will soon be mastered - but in the meantime - let's have some fun with it.  Amen?

I need your help.  We need your help.


  1. Too cute! I've never heard that little poem before...what a fun way to remember. :) Happy weekend to you all! Camille

  2. Oh how I'm so glad you shared that cute little quote about the silverware! It is adorable and I can't wait to share it with my family.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving your comment. I am thrilled to meet you Bevy!

    Lee Ann

  3. I can just hear her asking from the other room, wanting to please and get it right. How cute!
    I haven't heard the poem, either. Passing it onto my daughter for her children.
    Keep up the wonderful job of parenting!

  4. Wonderful to have her help it is good to let the little ones help it makes them feel good and teaches them at the same time ! I can hear her little voice in the other room asking soo sweet ! I have never heard that rhyme before . Thanks for sharing such precious moments ! Have a good day !


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