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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Whiter Than Snow!

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Every single time I looked out the window, yesterday, I smiled.

I know some of you reading don't like all this white stuff..and some of you reading wish you had some more of it! Isn't that the way it goes?

This year, this season, has been especially wonderful for me.  I have enjoyed every single snow storm we've had so far.  (I think it's because if our Winter is cold, and there is snow, I'm in! - If it's a mild one, rainy and damp...forget it.)

Anyway...all that to say. We had about another 5"  of nice, wet & heavy snow fall yesterday...on top of what was already here.  At one point, I stepped outdoors for some fresh air and peace and quiet.  I love the hush that a snowfall brings.  I snapped a few photos from off the front porch, but most were taken through the window pane...from inside the warmth of home.


More pics from throughout the course of the day...

The sun came through and "changed" the scenery up just a bit.  Scott worked from home yesterday and as he finished up work, work for the day, he and Caleb (who had another "Snow Day - home from school) bundled up to head outdoors and "take care of business".  I appreciate a Daddy showing his son - how to do it, number one, but then there is the "right way" of doing a job...in the first place.  Ahh, they came in ready for some hot Broccoli Cheese Soup and Sausage sandwiches..

All day long...
I was humming the hymn:   Whiter than Snow!

What could be more beautiful than that?  Our sins...washed clean, by the blood of the Lamb.  Whiter than snow.. the scriptures say.  (read, Psalm 51)

Thank you, Lord, for this fresh reminder of your grace and forgiveness - yet again!


  1. Hi Bev, thanks for the snow pictures. So beautiful! I spent a snowy day with my sister and hope to get my pictures up soon. btw, just wondered how you got your pics on this side of your blog like that? I have difficutly uploading them with blogspot. Any tips, you can inbox me.;) Thanks!

  2. I often think of that hymn when it snows here as well (which is not often)...but, I love it when it does, if we all can stay home and keep warm and cosy. I always like the sound of your food...mmmm...does your family know how blessed they are? :) Blessings, Camille

  3. Bevy, I am sure at times I have been one that complained about the Snow.. Its not that I dont find the beauty in it, its mainly because I dont drive in it and I work outside the home... I really do like seeing the snow, the smell when you walk outside in the fresh fallen snow, and oh the quiet... I do love all of that, and honestly when I am off and a snowfall hits I love it... I love all your photos and they are beautiful... and I am sure Scott is teaching Caleb well.. Memories made for sure... and Soup and a Sandwich on a Snowy day is so comforting... Have a wonderful day...

  4. Oh what a treat to see all this snow!

    Your photos are magical friend:-)


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