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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's Finds :: The 5 Q's

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Oh, this was fun!  Here is something that happened a couple of weeks ago now - which we'll still count, for today, as our Friday's Finds! 
Thanks for reading along..

Aubrey's class, in Preschool, is currently sharing in the honor of each student taking Curious George home with them for a couple of days at a time.  Aubrey's turn was a couple of weeks ago, as I mentioned, and I suppose this was just something fun to do to help break up the monotony of school during the winter season, etc.

While George was with us we were asked to keep a journal entry of the time George spent in our home and all of our activities.. and upon "his return to school"... he needed to have along 5 things that began with the letter "Q", so that lil Miss Aubrey could share them with her class.  As well. Aubrey needed to supply snack for her entire class!  So, as you and I can imagine, there have been a lot of bananas and monkey themed snacks that have been brought into school as part of this fun little project. - so Aubrey has said..

Hmmm... 5 things?  That start with "Q"..?

It didn't take long to come up with the five items of our choice.
Aubrey and I (actually all of our little family) thought about it together, for awhile, and here is what we came up with:

Quart Bag 
Question!  (Aubrey cut out the shape of a HUGE question mark and we wrote out a question on it - something that George may have asked the kids about school..you know?!? Only because the guy is so curious.  He's always asking questions..)

and, our favorite, a...

Quilt  Patch (which this included... actual quilting stitches with quilting thread, and a quilting needle - not just any size or kind, etc.)

Something that has come out of this is an introduction to sewing for Aubrey.  She has since been enjoying coming into my sewing room with me and stitching away on a few projects here and there...

Her ideas are marvelous and endless..and keep me in a 

Quandary (to say the least)!  I couldn't resist... I love this word!  Quandary..
not that I love being in one. :)
Have a Blessed Weekend! 


  1. How adorable and I have something to share that you don't know about me? I married my hubby in 1993 and chose to keep my maiden name. At the time I thought it was a good thing but honestly I have regretted it at times... and the reason I am sharing this is because "Q" is the letter that my last name would have started with.... "Quinn"... so the letter Q is a special one for me... and I am sure Aubrey surely enjoyed that letter and caring and sharing with Curious George... have a great day...

    1. That's a fun that you share that story Connie.

      I was trying to think how I might wish folks a weekend with lots of "Q's"...? I kinda got stuck with only these three.. Quiet. Quick. Quaint...?

      I certainly wouldn't wish anything that might be Queer, Questionable or Quirky. :)

      Quinn. I like that!

      Enjoy your day as well!

    2. Bevy, you made me smile.... Quotable is another good one... Quest, Quack, Quartet... and I am sure many more... I will Quickly close... lol... thanks for the fun...

  2. Cute post.. So nice having little ones still home and enjoying your days.. God bless, dear.. xo

  3. She is DARLING! Here I am posting about neglected crayons and you are right in the thick of it. I'm sighing again... I want a visit from Curious George... Ah well. This season too is one of my most precious and really I am not complaining. :) You may get a kick out of this.. I was left alone for a few hours so ran to the library. I picked up some wonderful things for me. For the girls I went right straight into the children's area and picked up 8 of our old favorite picture books. I laughed at myself as I did it but there they are right now, waiting on the dining room table! I have a feeling that they'll be delighted. Either that or they will fully roll there eyes and laugh. We'll see. :)

    Blessings dear Bevy~


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