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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello March!

. .... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... .. ... .. .... .. ... .. ... ... ..

Oh March!
I hope this is true of you.
In like a Lion, 
Out like a Lamb.

One might think so or hope for after reading THIS!

Do you know of any other sayings or rhymes that go for the month of March?

Happy Monday to each one of you...
I'd say it's pretty happy around here this morning.  An Epic fail to our weather forecast for our area for the overnight hours into today. We only got a dusting - after the original call was for 12+" of snow. The children still do have a two-hour delay which messes with Mommy's schedule but that is okay.  They're getting their day/hours in.
My husband did take off of work today (last minute) to go butcher two steer...with my Brother in law.
That right there is a story in the making.. if I do say so myself.

I have some sewing and some baking that I would like to accomplish today.  And, it's possible that I'll have a few extra little ones in my home as I "babysit" them...
I'm waiting to find out on that one.

You know me and my growing love for poetry.  Well,  I thought this particular poem would be appropriate to share with you today!

Quilt Pattern
Nature sewed the winter through,
Left-overs of gold and blue
From the sky...cerise and red
Stitched with white and silver thread.

Patiently she stitched along
To the north wind's lusty song...
Back and forth her needle flew
While the boist'rous March winds blew.

April dawned... the thing was done!
So she laid it in the sun.
Hills and gardens then were gay
With the patchwork quilt that lay...

Bright and tufted deep with green,
Bordered with a brooklet's sheen...
Summer coverlet of scraps
Garnered from Autumn's leafy wraps!

~ Crystal Hastings, Needlecraft and Home Arts Magazine, March 1927


Enjoy your day!


  1. Lovely post . All though cold it has been sunny every day here so far ,snow is melting and the birds have been singing and chirping like mad and eating me out of house and home lol and the squirrels and all have been chasing each other around , spring fever ! I think for us here spring will arrive by the end of the month at least a Little birdie keeps telling me so ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Enjoy your day as well friend! Our forecast was right on the dot, we are snowed and iced in today!!!

  3. In like a Lion,
    Out like a Lamb.

    With this mid-March blizzard is there still hope??


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