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Monday, March 31, 2014

How Do You Roll?

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Happy Monday!  The last day of March... Will it head out like a lamb?  We'll see how the day turns out, I suppose.

We had SOOOO much rain (and flooding!) over the weekend, in our local area, and today the sun is trying it's hardest to stay out.  It probably will.. It also sounds like it's to warm up and be a bit calmer all around today!  Though, I'm personally not so sure.  It's still a bit windy out there..

The laundry is in full swing, the kitchen cleaned up (from yesterday's busy day!) and dinner plans are in the works..

Today, I wanted to share a little something with you.  Something we used, yesterday, to help illustrate our Week 8 lesson in the FPU (Financial Peace University) Class, my husband and I are coordinating.  It's hard to believe we're at the end of this.  Next Sunday will be our final session.  It's has been (honestly!) the neatest time, of our lives!, doing this class with folks; walking it through with them. It's been life-changing, to say the least.  For them and for us...I do believe.

And while I'm not going to elaborate on what the actual class lesson was about per say; however, I do want to share this illustration as a generalization. Because this could apply to any area of our lives.

Thank you for following along..
How do you Roll?

So often – if this roll of tape represents our life – we feel we are in a rush to make changes and make things come about sooner than expected; sooner than necessary.  We might not always realize we’re doing this.

We begin to do things (I begin pulling tape), expect things, wish for things, anticipate…make plans…make changes...all the while things are getting out of hand…even if its’ just the emotions.

We wish for a different outcome/income.  We NEED another or a different of this or that.  Based on today’s lesson…we might think we NEED a new & bigger house/piece of land, etc.! Like, as in if it should have happened yesterday! All because we’re impatient and we want our future to be our now.

I can relate to this!

Today’s lesson encouraged us to Be PATIENT!
To SLOW.  Slow down and realize our reality.

Appreciating our story – as it is!  Not like we would want it to be.

What happens all too quickly is that before we know it... our lives are now a sticky mess.  (I gather up the sticky wad of unrolled tape in my hand) We find it’s too late to go back.  At least, in a way that appears to have some semblance to what it once was – back before this ALL began!  (by now there should be piles of tape!)

See this tangled mess?  It’s a mess...  It can’t be undone.  Pun fully intended… what a sticky situation you find yourself in.  There is no way this roll of tape can be rolled back - as nicely as it first started.  There is no way you can go back either...and truly undo any and all mistakes one might have made.

It’s time – at this point – TODAY!, if you will; draw a line in the sand, the sand of our emotions, and to step over it.  To make this final point… we’ll rip this tape off right here and go forward from here on out... slow and sure.

How do you roll?  How will you roll, from here on out?

That is the question.  That is our take-away!


I first heard this illustration, used years ago, in a sermon, to illustrate something.- something of which I can't remember now, exactly.  The illustration though, it obviously stuck with me... because I honestly do think of it often - in terms of my own life.  Times when I want to get ahead of the game.  Go against God's Will for my life, etc.

It's often made pause and consider the question.  Really?  How far do think I can control my own doings; the timing of everything for my life?

Everything is in God's Sovereign control.  E.V.E.R.Y. single. T.H.I.N.G!


  1. Ok Bevy How did ya know I needed this TODAY.... seriously I really needed this... I am normally a pretty simple, conservative kinda person.. but when frustration hits, I get off track... and I already know that it happens when my Patience is running thin...and I know its all in God's timing for our wants and needs.. Back in August we bought a New Doublewide Home.. and ya know before we got approved, we almost decided against it... But we prayed if it was God's will and in his timing that all would go ok.. At first they said No, due to information keyed in wrong by the salesperson, and we cancelled it all... I was frustrated, then we got a phone call that they decided that it was the dealerships fault not ours that they would approve it... ... but ya know I never got excited about any of it... My home is a beautiful place and yes we need land, but I learned that will happen when and if God thinks we need it... People ask me a lot if I like my home, I always tell them, its shelter, a safe place to rest and they are stunned that I am not overjoyed.. I always use to get so excited thinking about owning my own home, but Home is about God, Home is about Family and this year has been the toughest year of my life so far... and when finances become a mess, it is hard to fix... I know this due to job loss and medical... it use to matter so much to me, but my goal now is to be Debt free (except our home) and then work towards that too... My biggest issue is getting hubby on board, I struggle all the time with this... I no longer am a shop till ya drop girl, I would rather reuse than by new... and the change in myself has been hard on him... so yes this something to work towards, strive for... because I know its just stuff... Happiness comes in Knowledge... so thank you for this post ... I so needed it...

    Sunny and beautiful here today. Hope the sun is shining great for you today... we had SNOW yesterday... but hey April is so near... yay...

  2. Such an interesting post, Bevy and you are so right.. It is all in His hands and I need to trust Him more with every aspect of my life.. God bless my dear..

  3. Such a great illustration and so very true. We want things in our time & we we don't realize in the everyday scheme of things is that we are NOT in control of that timing. Great post!


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