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Thursday, March 20, 2014

In this case... {with Update!}

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When storms come, leave both the front and back doors open. Don't allow misfortune to find a home. ~ unknown

Lovely quote, and a good reminder, for today!

In this case... for today...our misfortune; it's sickness!  Poor Jayne... She caught a bug overnight, probably the same one that Aubrey had earlier in the week. But, the sun is shining and its warmer out there this morning.  Guess what?  There just might be some serious laundry on the line for the first time this year, after all!!  Sure there might be some mud... but who cares.

Let the birds sing, long and loud!  It's the first day of Spring!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - today!  There greatly appreciated..

UPDATED to add: (@ approx. 3:30pm)

Oh, Spring's First Day!  Thank you.  Thank you for arriving.. finally!  The wash I hung out today, for the first, came back indoors with the most delightful scent of the freshest air one could  fathom.  It's been awhile. I was worried, from time to time, because the sun that shone would come and go - and those grayer clouds would threaten, but then they'd move on and so with just the right amount of whip in your wind - everything dried so beautifully.
As well, when my girls and I would poke our noses outdoors for a moment or two, here and there, it would lift our spirits and well, today was a happy day...after all.

As a matter of fact, my baby is feeling jest fine.

Though, she could a nap...and well, we all could!  Couldn't we?


  1. I love the picture...it looks so cozy and inviting...the wreath on the door is beautiful!!! I'm sorry to hear about sickness in your home. I hope Jayne feels better soon. Our son and his family are sick again, too. I love hanging my laundry out too and yes the birds are singing loud and long this morning. I believe they are happy it's spring too. Can you tell I'm just slightly excited about the nice day today? I love the change of seasons!!!!! I'll be praying for you and your family today. Get better soon little Jayne!!! Melanie P.

  2. Happy Spring! Your smiling I know, so am I.... and laundry on the line now that's pure beauty... even in the Mud... lol.... Sorry to read that Jayne is sick, hope it doesn't last too long... Sunny here in Ky today and for that I am thankful... Have a wonderful day... Prayers for Jayne....

  3. Laundry - BAH! I haven't even folded mine from the weekend yet! ;) lol!!! The sun ALMOST poked it's head out today...so I sent the kids out...but looking out now...the snow is flying! *sigh* Spring may be on the calendar but it sure isn't out my window! :P I pray your day gets brighter and brighter! ☼

  4. Aw...poor little pumpkin! Praying for you right now....

  5. Hi Bevy,

    So glad your baby is feeling fine, now. :)

    And there's nothing sweeter than the smell of fresh washing, hung in the wind, dried in the sun and pressed to the cheeks. Bliss.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Dotti :)

  6. Bevy,
    I love that wreath on your door!
    And I'm so glad your baby is better.
    And...for sure I'm so thankful for line drying spring weather! woo-hoo!
    Have a lovely weekend~ xo

    1. Thank you, Kristin! That wreath is kinda old now - I guess. I made it awhile ago (blogged about it somewhere on here..) and so many times I wonder if I should change it. I can't. I love it still..

      You have a lovely weekend, as well!


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