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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let Truth Drive The Train {& Winner!}

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Oh, I hope I never forget this!

Recently, I was in a small group discussion.  We were talking how the power of words can leave an impact on us for the good or the bad.  We talked about our earliest memories of those words...

And how this applies I can't quite recall?  But one gal spoke up..
She shared how a friend of hers, father, would remind them as girls, "In this life, you're going to have feelings and emotions.  Those things are real. Yes!
 But remember this one thing; Let Truth Drive The Train."
This is probably my newest, most favorite quote, right now.

As ladies, in this conversation, we unpacked this quote a bit  further.  Let Truth Drive The Train.
 How many times do we allow something else - that which is not yet fully known - to become truth and we follow that...when truth is already present, and rightly in place?
Can we really?

How many times do we jump track, or worse yet, ignore "truth" and rush forward, becoming the crazy, runaway train?

Friend, TRUTH is a constant!
Keeping that in the forefront of my mind..I can rest assured that the ebb and flow, of the train, of life, will keep itself on track.  Hopefully, this was an encouragement to you - as it was to me!

 I AM The Way, THE TRUTH, and The Life...
~  the words of Jesus, from John 14:6

The Winner of the Mugs & Muffins - Giveaway is:

Tracy C.

Congratulations, Tracy!
I'll be getting this Spring Gift out to you right away!

Blessings on your day...to each one of you, my friends.
Thank you for reading.


  1. What a good reminder Bevy... as well, I I thought of how this could relate to idle words when it comes to gossip or just talking about things we don't need too... when we hear something that we aren't sure is truth - but we take it and share it that way! May I keep that bridle on my tongue and seek to share what is of value and TRUTHful.

    Miss ya! :) We were outside recently and Zeph was wishing the cows were here to feed grass too...

  2. Good Morning Bevy, Such a good reminder... hope you and yours are doing ok... Have a great day... xo

  3. It's so easy to let those feelings drive our train instead of the truth. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. Your photos lately speak such peace and simplicity.

    What a good reminder today. And if we let truth drive the drain, we can accomplish that in which pleases God and we will never go wrong!


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