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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

That (debt and donut) Snowball

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As you know our local area was to get hit with a pretty big snowfall, Sunday night into Monday. Well, I'm sure folks not too far from us did get some pretty good snow... but not here.  Secretly, I'm kinda glad for the Epic Fail.  Since it only came, to our local area, as a dusting... let's talk about donuts instead.

Today is Fasnacht Day!

So in honor of today we're going to talk about (donut) snowballs...and debt!

My husband and I are in the midst of leading/coordinating a 9-week course through (Dave Ramsey) - Financial Peace University.  I have not talked about this class a whole lot and that's okay... however, just to let you know, the course is going GREAT! and so are the (47, or so)  folks who have chosen to walk a course to change their future and family tree!!  FOREVER!!  It's been a real pleasure walking with them.

Each week, and I can't help myself, we have decided to incorporate a little extra thing that will help to keep the class "light and fun".  Sending our folks home with a little something to help it make sense cents, so to speak. lol!

So - this past Sunday - with the impending snowstorm, plus the fact that our lesson was on Dumping Debt...I just had to get my hands on some little round powdered donut holes.  Can we say - Snowballs!

The class is video streamed and Dave Ramsey is actually doing the teaching for the course.  This week's lesson spoke in great detail about the need to dump debt and how to get the (debt) snowball rolling...
with gazelle intensity!  (You'll need to take the course, to fully know what we're talking about.. how do you get gazelle and snowballs out of the same lesson?)

I guess you could say the above three photos are self-explanatory.  And while there were no actual throwing of snowballs involved,  it (the idea!) was as a SURE hit!

Dunk that debt!

It certainly left a flurry of excitement (ha!)... getting folks to think about eating that donut right there on the spot.  Or, were they going to leave it on the shelf to inspire them.  Watching the "dough" grow... as the debt snowball also took off eliminating debt from their lives..

I don't know.. I try!

Maybe too hard to play on words and get people to think.  In the meantime we're having some fun times with this class and it's exciting to see changes already taking place in many, many hearts throughout the room.

If you think of my husband and I - pray for us.  Sunday afternoons is when we're walking this road..


  1. ...on second thought...I'm not sure you'll be allowed to visit...because I don't know if I can handle all of your punnyness coupled with my husbands love of puns!!! :P LOL!!! ;) Cute idea - I love our first week with your special touch - it is motivational, just knowing how much you two care!!! You are blessing and changing us - but I think I've said that to you countless times now - still, it holds true!!!

    1. Oh - this comment totally makes my day!!

      You and your family are a real blessing to us and we can't wait to make "our visit" a reality.


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