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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Daybook in April

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FOR TODAY ~  before the month of April slips away - I thought I would try to capture this day getting a post on the books, so to speak.

Outside my window... the skies are a blanket of grey, scattered clouds.  The sun is peeping through here and there but it is "chilly"..

I am thinking... I am glad I finished the laundry on Monday...there was lots of sunshine that day.

I am thankful... the opportunity came, yesterday, to watch three little ones for my friend Abby & her husband - who are here, State-side, for a few weeks.

In the kitchen... homemade bread, turned toast.  With a drizzle of wildflower honey and cinnamon.  Coffee, too! of course.  That was breakfast.  Next it'll be lunch with the same bread:  grilled cheese sandwiches.

I am wearing... a long blue-jean skirt and an orange-ish colored T-shirt with three-quartered length sleeves..

I am creating... a classic, medium size tote bag (which will soon be posted in my shop) with a matching Pocket Pouch...to be listed/sold as a set.

I am going... in a few minutes to pick Aubrey up from her preschool.. (that was at 11am)

I am wondering...Who else is tired of picking up strands of Easter (basket) grass from all over the house? Yes, I'm complaining..
I am also wondering, How many of you enjoyed your Easter Weekend?  I did.  We did.  Wonderfully so.  We got to go visit Grandma Susie (my MIL) and an Aunt & Uncle who live in NY.  We got to take my Mom along for the ride. :)

I am reading...nothing new! Bookwise.  Sad, to say...

I am hoping... for a chance to put in a garden.  A small, small garden.  I just received permission, yesterday, from our landlords, to put in a removable, raised bed...and so we'll see if and where we can get our hands on my cheap lumber/boards to do so.  I can hardly breathe, I'm so excited..

I am looking forward to... actually, Aubrey is!  Looking forward to another playdate, today, with another little friend from church.
As well.  Looking forward to hosting my family (12 of them, plus Scott, the kids and I) here for Sunday lunch.

I am learning...how to work my *new* (cell) phone... It's smarter than me! We're finally getting modern around here. :)

Around the house... ( I can hear!) My near three year old singing... it's fun to watch and listen to her grow into her own person.  Every day there is more & more...

I am pondering (still)... in light of Easter last weekend... I have been pondering the significance of Saturday.  The time between the actual crucifixion of Christ and his Resurrection!  What a day of rolling emotion and intensity.  For both those that believed in Jesus; being his followers and of those who didn't.

A favorite quote for today... something to think about...as principles for life.
If you want to be rich -- give.
If you want to be poor -- grasp.
If you want abundance -- scatter.
If you want to be needy -- hoard.

One of my favorite things...
for today, this week??  TISSUES!!  oh, they're so handy.  Not liken' the reason I need them though...

A few plans for the rest of the week:  As mentioned.  Sunday Lunch - here!
Caleb has a birthday party to go to on Saturday...and possibly something with Dad in regards to Scouts!
Playdates and food prep will obviously be part of this week..
Maybe working in the flowerbeds a bit, as well.  Prepping them for seeds and starter plants..

A peek into my day...
Like I said... tissues!

Praying to have allergies (??) soon be a passing thing!

And, here's to...

Welcome to...Lunch and Tea Party with little friend...after school.

Following along with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. I have that same tissue box cover b/c we were together in Lancaster when we bought them!

    1. I forgot about that - but, YES!!! We do.

      Miss you...
      I'm pulling out another tissue. ;)

  2. Mmmm! That bread looks tasty!!!

    NY??? That's just across the river....just saying... ;)

    Feel better friend! ♥

  3. Oh how I hate allergies! Hope you are over them soon. That's so exciting about having a little garden. I'm sure your whole family will have fun watching things grow.


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