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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bags by Bevy :: Priscilla's Piece

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 Priscilla's Piece:  The story comes together, something like this...

I received a phone call the other week, and the older woman on the other end proceeds to explain who she is and how I should know her.  Her elderly, warbled voice doesn't ring a bell to me but who, she explains, that I should know - meaning one of her sister in laws (named Mary - who is also related to me through my mom's side of the family, by marriage) and the fact that I once worked with her daughter (Janice), does!

It all started coming back.  Yes! Now I'm starting to remember...  I do (faintly) remember being at her house once, with her daughter..but why?  I have no idea.

And Priscilla was excited!  You could hear that in her voice.  She had an idea!!

She explained that she had come to a point where she was going through some of her things.  Fabrics, buttons and such and was planning to take some things to the local thrift store... when she came across this "unfinished piece of needlework".  She wondered if she should pass it on, as it was! or keep it and finish it herself.  She decided to take the time to complete the piece.

While working on it...the thought came to her of getting it made into something.  Something special or useful. She said, she remembered her sister-in-law, Mary, once showing her a bag that she had had...and thought to ask her where it came from.  As Mary then gave her my information, and what I do, Priscilla called me to see what could be done about this.  Would I be able to incorporate this needlework piece into a bag, somehow?

I told her I would take a look at it... and that we would go from there.

The day came when the weather cleared enough (remember those weeks of nothing but snow??) when she told me that her husband could finally drive her over, to our place.  
Priscilla came to the door, that day, with her cane in hand - so excited!- and couldn't wait to show me what she had.  And to tell me what she saw "in this bag"... wondering if it could have this? And, if it could have that?

We talked about details and I didn't like that I had to turn some of them down (her ideas!)... but she understood and resolved to whatever I could do to make this work out for her.  She knew she wanted a pocket on the inside that had a place or two for a pen.  She knew she needed a single strap to wear across her shoulder.  With her condition, she has a hard time handling a purse on her forearm.  She also knew she wanted a closure of some sort but she wasn't so sure, what?  She even brought along another bag because she really liked that bag's size...

She had this well thought out..

A couple of days later, she came by the house again (this time, driving herself) with a box of buttons she had gathered up..

Another time... several spools of thread, she no longer needed!

And, each time - she would nearly leave her cane behind...the giddy-of-a-schoolgirl shining through in getting herself a *NEW BAG*!

This made me smile and it was a privilege to make this "custom" bag for her.  Which, custom is something I certainly do shy away from..just for the record...and one I have to be reminded of often, thanks to my hubby!  Basically:  I do very little in CUSTOM orders...

I sure do hope Priscilla gets a lot of use out of her bag!!  And that this spring-like piece suits her just fine. Violas are perfect for this time of year, after all..  Don't you think?

:: Priscilla's Piece ::
(Custom Order!)
Priscilla K.


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  1. What a beautiful story to go with this beautiful bag... I am sure she smiles everytime she carries it... You are one talented girl... and so is she by her needlework... beautiful .....

  2. That is stunning! What a beautiful collaboration!! I'm so glad you could make the bag for her~~I'm sure it means so much to her.

  3. Stunning - my thoughts exactly! It's perfect. I am glad I had the pleasure of meeting Priscilla when she came by... she was like an excited school girl, for sure! :) It's a lovely fit for her, I am sure she will love using it.

    I know you may shy away from custom orders... but the few that you have made I think have turned out SO nice! I guess perhaps because it's a taste of the maker and the owner wrapped up in one. I think that is extra special. :)

  4. You are so special in so many ways. I loved this story. :)

  5. Oh wow, absolutely stunning! Beautiful post :) Happy weekend


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