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Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday's Finds :: Leep Balm

... .. .. .. ... .. .. .... . .. ... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. ... ..
It is often life's
smallest pleasures
and gentlest joys
that make the
biggest and most
lasting difference.
~ Unknown

Almost every. single. day.  I'll find this certain Little One in my purse for some "leep balm".  Oh, I wish you could hear her say it.  It's too funny.  I finally caught her in the act.
It's always one swipe across the lips and then she'll put it all back the way she found it.  Oh, and yes,  I do TRY to keep my purse outta reach (ahem!, yeah right! like it's out of her reach.)... but still.

It is kinda cute, to say the least.

Friday's Finds :: Jayne and her Leep Balm.


So.  What are your plans for the weekend?
We're kinda packed around here.

Schedule-packed-busy, number one!

However; Scott and Caleb are all packed up for Caleb's first official, outdoor camping trip!  
Sleeping in a tent in the backyard, which he's done before, doesn't count. That will be Friday night - Sunday Noon.  Yes! Even in the rain.  ;(

Me, the Mama will be holding down the fort. Treating the girls "out" for dinner...hitting up a grocery store or two.. and sewing!!  Sewing...after two little's are asleep.  

Our final FPU class will be on Sunday afternoon.  We're planning a Celebration/ Party - at the same time... so, I'll also be busy prepping for that.

Thank you for reading, here and helping to make my corner of the world a much balmier place. I hope you feel the same way from me!

God Bless You and your weekend!


  1. Oh my Bevy, she is adorable... Leep Balm... love it... little girls love the stuff..
    When Kylie was little and I would be putting my makeup on for work, she would want some... so I would do blush and lip gloss... she was so funny because she would hold her lips tightly for about a half hour afterwords.. I told her she could move her lips, it would still be there... lol... Now she will be 16 and tries to wear a bit of lipstick.. and she still has a problem moving her lips and talking... so she said to me the other day, I am only gonna wear that stuff if its necessary and its somewhere where I don't have to talk... I laughed so hard, I thought I would cry... so enjoy those sweet moments which I know you already do.... and enjoy your girly weekend... love and hugs

    1. What a great story, Connie!

      Girly weekend. I am and I do ... learning to each moment more and more. Every day!

  2. Do the puns ever stop! :P ;) hahaha!! I'm a leep balm junky!!! I keep one in my pocket, I have one on my beside table, another one in my kitchen...and usually one in my purse!! So far my kiddos aren't on to it though.

    I pray today went well!!! And that Caleb's camping trip was dry and fun!! Busy weekend here too, glad to be sitting for a moment! :D


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