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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday's Finds :: a lovely bunch of curls

. ... .. .. ... .. .. .... .. .. ... . ... . . .. .. ... . .. . ..

Purples and pinks.
Greens and bright blues.
Yellows and curls.
and as the day fades away..
So do I.

A walk around the yard will do that to you - when a certain little one chooses to not sleep well, through the night, the night before, I fade fast.  I can hardly hold my head up, today!  Still dealing with those allergies...
I guess.

Friday's Finds :: What a walk around the yard will find!

Thanks for coming by here today.

Hey!  How did you like that curly wild garlic?
Here it is again, for your viewing pleasure...

Isn't that something? You never expected this for a lovely bunch of curls, now did you?
 Love this photo...and all it's bits of the farm tucked into one.

Blessings on your weekend!
May it be overwhelmingly full in the abundance of GOD's GRACE.


  1. Bevy, First I hope you feel better and also that your littles sleep better... Yes I had to take a double look at that curly garlic... Amazing... I also wanted to mention, did you sign up for the INRL this year... I did, it started today, and its good... Free too with a opportunity to donate to a charity... I love the connection, community and it made me think of all of us... those who enjoy this blog thing, even though I am only a reader... some days it just lifts me up... Anyway Hope your weekend is a blessed one.... xo

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Allergies can be so annoying. I loved all of your pictures. Up close and personal makes us see things from a different perspective. I would never have expected to see curly garlic.

  3. LOVELY photos!! Just gorgeous!! And that garlic - SOOooo neat!!! I had no idea!! Just beautiful! That first photo though - the colours - wow!!! Looks like a painting!!

    I pray you feel MUCH better soon - get some rest okay!!! ♥

  4. Great pictures! It's Spring!
    Now, I hope you feel better.


Thanks for coming by, today! You're visits always mean so much...

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