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Friday, April 11, 2014

Over the picket fence :: Let me tell you...

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Just wanted to say a quick hello... I didn't mean to be absent from here, like I've been, this week.

But, sometimes...
To live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else.  ~ Emily Dickenson

(I just had to share that little quote with you, tonight!  It's been burnin' a hole in my pocket, for a long time now, for sure.)
If I were to share, over the picket fence...
I would tell you that we have been have a fabulous week, here on the ole Homestead - enjoying the beauty of Spring!

Let the photos tell you how..

Chives that came back!

Aubrey helping to clean out the flowerbeds..

As soon as we plunked this Thyme in the garden soil, it was the happiest plant ever!!
See the hyacinth growing in the background?
A little friend enjoying the day!  He blended in so well, we almost missed him!
Front porch pleasures of sweet Garden Tea and Emilie Barnes, The Spirit of Loveliness!
Along with my girls... enjoying the sunshine!
Making yummy meals and enjoying the season's finest!
Spring Salad
 I will be happy to share this simple Green Salad recipe with you!  If you ask..

Oh, and for the record.  After a few days of Spring Cleaning.. the girls and I took a day off  and went to visit with our old neighbors, Amanda & kiddos.  She says "hello!"... :) and wow! what a wonderful way to spend the day.  Chatting it up and catching up like old times..
I miss(ed) my friend!
But, our new neighbor is settled in just fine and doing well.  My kids love their Uncle J.

Hey!  I really appreciated all the phone calls and emails checking in to make sure I was still A-Okay and doing well, this week.
You are real treasures..
And, I thank you!  To explain a bit further.  My hubby has been home all week, as well - time off of work - and he took it upon himself to get my computer updated with all the latest and finest... hence, another reason for the quietness around here.  It's all good.  I greatly appreciate it.  Immensely.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend.
I plan to.

Part of our plans include (a much more relaxed weekend! as compared to last weekend) and having some face time with this dear friend, on Sunday, who she and her family are back in the States for a couple of weeks.
Also, remembering my Dad who has passed on to Glory, way too young!  Sunday it will be 18 years...

As well, I think we're to see temps, around here, of something like in the 70's!!


  1. anniversary of your Dad seeing Jesus face to face. I think that is why I called - but just didn't put it all together until now.
    LOVE you!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog (through Home Joys) and I love what I'm seeing...vintage and all! Can't wait for a larger slot of time to browse around some more! BTW, that Spring Salad looks yummy! I live in Ontario so I need to wait a wee bit longer to see so much spring...

  3. Lovely post, Bevy. Thank you for letting us peek into your days. Yippee for spring!! Your salad looks yummy. Your girls are sweet as can be. Hugs, Camille

  4. Sorry...forgot to say...hugs to you for Sunday as you remember. How wonderful to know that he is with the Lord...nothing more wonderful than that! But, we miss them while we are separated...don't we?

  5. I'm glad you haven't been on here but instead enjoying time with Scott being home!! You MUST have another Dave and Kaitlin coffee moment before he goes back to work - MUST!!! You got that! ;) It certainly looks very springy where you are - tell Mrs. L (comment a few above) that I too am an Ontarioian and yes, waiting on some more Spring like weather - but it's coming and it feels sooo good!!

    Praying for peace and comfort this weekend! ♥ Much too young indeed!!

    Blessings friend - we'll be chatting again soon!

  6. It hit 80 here this weekend, fabulous weather. It felt more like Summer than Spring!
    Putting up a laundry line is on my list of things to do this summer! I love laundry from a line :)

  7. What a wonderful peek into your week! Hugs sent your way as you remember your dad and celebrate all your memories of him.

  8. Bevy, Could you share the recipe for the Green Salad? I am a green vegetable girl all the way... Thanks...Happy Monday....

  9. What a warm and inviting post! Your springtime photos are darling. The girls are even more:-) I'll toast you to a glass of springtime tea. I make this often too!

    What kind of thyme do you have growing? Is it lemon?

    So delighted to hear that the warm weather is upon you now. Enjoy your week!

  10. It seems nothing kills chives. All my herbs died with this long winter except the chives which have come back strong. I love hanging my clothes outside, but still hanging them inside for now. I want to get the grass cut first. Can you believe instead of shoveling snow I'm talking about cutting grass?

    Hugs to you this weekend. Celebrating Easter and remembering your Dad.


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