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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Over the picket fence:: With more of the same..

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Oh! Hello..

You caught me again, glancing over the picket fence. (smile!) I was looking to see if you were looking back at me. Ha!    I just felt like keeping this conversation going...and so I thank you for hanging around. 

In fact, it's after lunch and I've just finished hanging yet another load of laundry.  It's all in between intermittent rain-threatening clouds.  The sun does keep on shining through, and so... I hang clothes.

Want to hear something funny?  I thought it was, anyway.  I talked with my Mother earlier today and you know... I asked what she was up to; what she was doing?  She said, oh! hung a few loads of laundry, did some cleaning and was planning to set out her over-wintered geraniums.  HA!  so did I - I did or was doing the same; all of the above.  We chuckled.  My geraniums were so happy to be put outdoors.  Wowzers!!

Remember those chives that came back?  I mentioned them on Friday... in fact, I shared this here same photo.

Well, tonight's dinner is going to include some of those lovely greens.  I can't wait.

I plan on making Deep Dish Taco Squares.  I don't think I have shared the recipe here before, but I know I have talked about it, before.  Oh boy, I guess I'll have to share that recipe now, too.  Be sure to remind me!!  It's that good..

Speaking of recipes.  Someone (Connie?) did request the recipe for that simple lettuce salad.  Smile!! 

This is one of those simple salad's that makes me think of my Grammy - all of the time. This was her usual green salad at any given meal. :)  It makes me miss her so much... when I think about the table spread of food she would do each and every Sunday meal.  At least, this was what she would serve whenever we would come to visit my Grandparents, etc.  This one or her coleslaw.

This one is nice to do - especially around Easter because of the excess of hard-boiled eggs you might have around.  Ahem!

I just tear freshly washed lettuce into bite sized pieces and throw into a medium to large sized bowl.  Right before serving - I'll mix up a small amount of dressing, as follows:
Mix together one huge dollop of Mayo. with a glug, glug of apple cider vinegar, a splash of milk, and a Tbsp. or two of granulated sugar.

All of that is to taste and you can adjust the amount that is needed... (sorry, that is how I roll!)
Drizzle the dressing over the top of the lettuce (again, right before serving!),
Next, slice a couple of hard boiled eggs on top.  And sprinkle generously with Paprika.

This salad is best eaten right away.  It is not great for leftovers.  But if you serve this up with a nice roast beef dinner - there won't be any leftovers.  I'm pretty sure!

So, I hope you had yourself a lovely weekend?   Here we are, it's Tuesday already...

I did.  We did. We had a lovely weekend!  Matter of fact, we had some beautiful temps over the weekend that kept us outdoors :), barefoot,  and so we spring-cleaned our vehicle... yeah!!!! and got some sun to show for it. :)

As well, we had a wonderful visit with Abby and her family, on Sunday!  What a blessing to be around.  I am so glad I have the privilege to know this gal in real life.  If you find time - go ahead and read up on her blog... she and her family are here, state-side, for a couple of short weeks before heading back to Hungary.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers..


It's time to go and start making a batch of brownies or bars or something for dessert for tonight.  We don't really need it but.. you know.  It's fun.

Oh, and, my hubby went back to work today after a week and a half off!  We had a lovely week together - really!  He didn't drive me too crazy :) but it sure is nice to be back into a normal-like routine, starting today..

May your day be blessed.  I promise - I'll keep my nose on this side of the fence for awhile.  :)

However, you're welcome to come chat anytime!!  Oops!  One more thing, if you don't mind?
I'm kind of curious... what do you think of this quote..?  I shared it the other day...

To live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else.  ~ Emily Dickenson
It has me really pondering... how much "living" do I do?  I think that means - enjoying it, experiencing it, evaluating it.  I don't know.  What do you think?


  1. Mom used to make that salad with Miracle Whip and no paprika. We'd put it over mashed potatoes! Strange, but tasty! I'd love to try your Deep Dish Taco Squares, too.
    Have a wonderful week and Blessed Easter! <3

  2. Wonderful post ! It is amazing how much we are like our mothers lol ! The salad looks YUMMY ! I think my mum used to make one like that to many years ago lol ! Don't know what to make of that quote other then Life is what ya make it and live it to the fullest ! And as for the nose over then fence anytime my friend we would have a good old natter over that fence lol Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. My Grammy made the same salad and so did Lamar's. Guess it was the standard salad of thdieir time.

  4. I loved your Grammy Aquilla. I am so glad God gave her to you! I can hardly believe you put laundry out today. It has been pouring. Yikes. I love that you and your Mama were doing the exact same thing today. She is such a sweetheart. Have a beautiful Easter week Beverly.

    1. Lol! Oh, Becky... you caught me in the rain now too. I want to joke with you and say it's the "redneck style" and say if we hang it in the rain it'll get washed and if we leave it out long enough, eventually it'll dry then, too.

      But, no! Seriously. What happened is (and I sort of forgot about it... so I'm glad I can explain myself. Thanks for mentioning the rain and my laundry hanging..) MOST of this post was written yesterday - in VERY beautiful weather - the part of my mom, hanging of the laundry and geraniums... and I ended up adding to this post for today - forgetting that the weather wasn't cooperating with my writings. Oops!!

      Forgive me?
      Blessings on your Easter week, as well.

  5. Bevy, Thank you for sharing the salad recipe... I had to chuckle at the glug, glug... I do the same... Isnt it funny how after we become a Seasoned Cook that our measurements become a whole complete language.. I love it though... Deep Taco Dish is a must share...Kylie (my girl) loves anything Taco like... Planting flowers... haven't done that yet... 82 degrees here in Ky yesterday, 29 degrees this morning and rain, ice and snow as I type... so I am thankful I waited... It may be coming your way..I pray that it doesn't so your flowers will live...
    And about your quote...
    This year as you know has been a super hard year for me (April 2013-April 2014) due to my son... I felt like I just didn't care ... so with this quote, I have been just going thru the motions I guess... I have always been a get up and go person, no matter what the circumstance... this time it kicked my butt..my heart, my mind... stopped me dead in my tracks... but as I have looked over this past year, I see one thing clearly... I didn't lean hard enough on God... I tried to do more myself I guess... but as of today, the 15th is the day my boy actually started his new life, new job without living at home and he is doing great, happy for the most part, trying to figure out married life, so I now see and know he is gonna be ok.. I am gonna be ok... Its time to start living again... I kept most of my days of despair inside, except when the tears wouldn't stop... I tried so hard to be happy for Kylie... but I knew she knew I was broken.. we have talked a lot and I am so thankful for this girl of mine... she has a heart as big as the world... So now its time to live, live well... Enjoy each moment .... and yes live it the best ya can...Savor the smallest things... cause life can change in an instant...

    Anyway I have rambled enough... and hey, what joy chatting over your picket fence... I will be here waiting until the next time... hugs girlie...

  6. I will go with the quote first before I forget it... lol... Yes, I agree with you.. If we spend our life always wanting more...pursuing what does not matter...instead of enjoying the moment.. we miss it! Enjoy the moment!!! The salad looks great! We are having cold days here and snow....again.. I usually hang my laundry out during the warm Spring days too.. I did get to hang out some bed clothes last week.. You could stick your nose over my fence anytime.. I am afraid we would not get any laundry done...lol Have a great week. Blessings!

  7. I always enjoy visiting here. How lovely it would be to visit over the picket fence. :-)
    Those chives!!! Amazing. Enjoy them.
    I will not be doing any planting until the first of June where I live, much snow yet. Although the creek beside us is beginning to thaw and run beautifully.
    Have a beautiful blessed Easter
    Joy! Debbie

  8. Bevy, I'm so glad you posted this recipe for the salad! I was going to send you a message and ask about it too! I saw an Amish book several weeks ago about gardens and this salad was pictured as an old-timer favorite to be used with the first greens of the season. It made no mention of the recipe though. So this may be as close as I get to having it! Thank you! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Bevy. xo

  9. Thank you so much for the recipe. I was going to ask for it too and forgot! It is very like one my great-grandmother used to make. I am going to try it soon.


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