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Monday, May 19, 2014

A Daybook in May

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FOR TODAY ~ Keep in mind.   I am working on this post, here, on  Sunday evening, in anticipation for tomorrow morning. As you're first reading this, it'll be the third Monday of the month, of May.

Outside my window... it's late evening.  The night sky has fallen, and the air is quite cool on this spring evening.

I am thinking... I know my children we're tired.  But, we pretty much shared our stories - of when we were a kid! - and one of them for sure, fell asleep - lights out!- even before we turned them out.

I am thankful... for shelter; warm beds to lay our heads at night and clean clothes and plenty enough to eat.  Amen?

In the kitchen... cup of coffee and a bowl of ice cream, with pretzels!  well, in reality, those are now by my side. :)

I am wearing... pj's.  of course!!

I am creating... a package or two to get mailed out in the morning.  One to Grandma Susie and the other to the winner of the last giveaway I held here... congratulations Connie S.

I am going... tomorrow, Monday morning!   I am going with my daughter. for her school, field trip, to a fun filled place called... Merrymead Farm!

I am wondering... how my youngest will do with her own little friend, on their play date, while I'm off on this school trip.

I am reading... A Praying Life - by Paul E. Miller.  Wow.. what an enjoyable, convicting read - if you can imagine the two together.

I am hoping... to head out to the local greenhouse either this afternoon or soon to pick up a few more starter plants... and herbs.

I am looking forward to... watching my flower bed come to life.  We planted pansies and green bean seeds, so far, the other evening, the girls and I.

I am learning... that as much pride I may see in someone else, there is more, much more, in myself.  Ouch!!

Around the house... ANTS!! (there is a story, here! in this link.. that I wanted to remind you, my reader and myself of..) The ants are back... though, not quite as bad this year.  So far!   I think I got em sooner -using a certain ant trap, for which I am entirely grateful for.

I am pondering... this book I'm reading. (A Praying Life...)

A favorite quote for today...
Learning to pray doesn't offer you a less busy life; it offers you a less busy heart. ~ Paul E. Miller

One of my favorite things... hearing the cycling through of the washing machine, doing it's thing.  After that... hearing the songs birds and smelling the fresh air; taking in all of nature as I hang the load of laundry on the line..

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Babysitting and baking!  Lots of baking.  I signed up, today at church, to contribute towards a bake sale for this coming Saturday!

A peek into my day...

Following along with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook

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  1. Hope you had a fun time on the field trip!
    (got to try the ice cream and pretzels!)

  2. Sounds like your Monday is filled with fun... Enjoy your day out... and yes Ice Cream and Pretzels gonna have to try that... WHat flavor of ice cream do you prefer? just wondering... :)

    1. Oh anything flavor really... but if I had to choose. It would either be black raspberry, or a fruit & cheesecake ice cream or a coffee or a choco p.b. or.....or....or....sometimes, Just plain ole vanilla bean. See? I told you.

      Yes! Try those pretzels. Sometimes I just them as my spoon. :)

    2. You are so funny... you must be a Ice Cream lover... me gotta be in the mood.. now hubby that's another story... lol... I like marshmellow milkshakes, and if its ice cream then it would have to be black walnut, maplenut, Pralines and pecans... or Chocolate Mint... Chocolate mint is probably my fave though... hope you had a great day out...

  3. Bevy, I loved the quote today! A less busy heart is something I think we all could use. I know I certainly could. I like hearing the washing machine running its cycles also. Unfortunately where we live there is entirely too much dust to be able to have a clothes line, so I use my dryer and am grateful for it. I think listening to the cycles of both machines really gives me a feeling of satisfaction...shows me the rhythm of a routine and how effective it is! Have a wonderful week, Bevy!

  4. Bevy, I always enjoy peeking into your day through these posts.
    We have been making homemade ice cream lately and loving it!
    I'm so ready for a long summer break, how about you?
    Have a beautiful rest of your week, Bevy.
    Bless you...


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