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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday's Finds :: {to} My Kids Delight!

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 Look what I've found...

Pictures of me that help to tell the story of me.  :)  Oh, I knew I had them... but you know forgetting why it was that they were just so happened to be tucked in between pages of an old book?  It was puzzling...to say the least, however, it was a fun moment for me to tell the kids "the bike story" all over again and this time they have a visual to go with it. 

They beg...Tell us the story of the bike, Mom,...the one you got for your birthday...and shouldn't have.
Friday's Finds :: Pictures of Mom!! to my (own) kids delight! 
 Pictures of when I was a kid...


Come  back on Monday - for more of the same.  As we enter into yet another time of ...

With: Thoughts on Motherhood.  Muffin Recipe.  Giveaway!
You're participation required. :)

Be prepared to share your favorite story/memory of your own Mom!
For some of you, this may be easy.   For some of you - hard!

It all matters.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hi Bevy, I managed to delete your message that you left on my blog earlier - as I hit publish the page jumped and ended up hitting delete. Grrr - hate it when you have jumping computer pages LOL.
    Yes we are in Chesterfield, if she is in my area of course I'll be more than happy to get together :o) - In the mean time you can tell her that the yahoo group to join for {Christian} home educators in England is Deut - here's the link : https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/deut6v7/info
    It's a great group to be on and find out what home ed groups are in her area and of course other home edders.

    Happy Mothers Day for Sunday!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. I'll pass the info on to my friend.. We'll see where this leads, if anywhere.

      Happy Mother's Day, for you, too! my friend.

  2. Oh what adorable pictures.... thanks for sharing....
    Story of my MOM....
    In the End months of my mother's life, we (all 5 of us) got in the car and drove from Kentucky to California to take my mom to a clinic.. in hopes of a new medicine to help save her... We got to San Diego and settled in.. we were to be there for a whole month... but us kids still had School work to do.. which we sat poolside to do so.. (that was the fun part)... My mom was so funny at times, she was a small woman but with lots of spunk... After a few days there and a good day for here happened we all decided to go to the grocery store... we all got ready and loaded into the car... we were about 10 miles away from the Hotel, when all of a sudden my Mom whipped around and looked at my dad and said, "Jack we have to go back the Hotel NOW" us being kids didn't have a clue, the he asked, you ok? She started to laugh, she said "Silly me thought I put on Deodorant but I must have grabbed the BenGay Cream... she said her armpits were on fire... We all started to laugh so bad... and she did too... We finally made it to the grocery store and back to the Hotel... and to sadly report, the medicine did not work.. But as years have passed, I have realized she is one lucky Mom... she is in Heaven looking down on all of us... Not to say its been easy, because I miss her every day... But someday I will see her again... Happy Mother's day to all of you that visit Bevy's blog... and Thank you Bevy for letting me share one of my favorite funny memories of my mom... hugs and love to you on the Mother's Day weekend...

    1. Oh my goodness, Connie. That is hilarious. You're mom sounds like she was a lovely soul. I love that stories, memories, can live on and on and though we miss those gone on before (for me, my dad and grandparents - particularly my Grammy!) - we can still enjoy them - in our hearts! Thank you for sharing!!

      Happy Mother's Day!! - with love...

    2. She was the best Christian Woman I ever knew... and loved by many... :)


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