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Monday, May 5, 2014

Over this past weekend...

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Hello and Good Morning!
There is nothing like waking up to a beautiful Friday morning and sharing the moment with each other and with you!

Caleb - my six year old, son - was having fun manning the camera, which I had had tucked into my pocket for that "you never know" moment.  You know the kind!

We were waiting for the bus to arrive - Friday morning!!

I laughed as he plopped to the grass and took several "close-up" photos talking about some painter-artist he had learned about in art class, at school.  "This is how it is done, mom!" He would say... and without inhibition that is what he did.  Can we say, he's a natural??

As he left for school... pulling away on the bus.  I hear the house door open and see two little gals with jackets and boots.  One in PJ's, still.  Ready to enjoy the morning sunshine, and beautiful fresh air with me.

I hang laundry and think it REALLY is the most beautiful kind of days to enjoy like this. Thanking the Lord for dirt to play in and turn over and wait for seeds to grow.  The girls and I meander around the house; the yard, and see that the peonies are rising to the occasion.
We had a lot of plans in store for the weekend.  Some of which included - roller skating at our local skating rink.  A first for everything.  And to quote my husband... Perhaps this is something you just shouldn't do again after 30 years.  I had lots of fun watching from the sidelines and seeing my little ones "learn something new and different".  Different other than roller skating in and around my kitchen and carpeted living areas.  (smile!)

This was the real deal.

Another thing (fun time & blessing) that happened over the weekend was me hosting a Ladies Breakfast in my home.  Scott took the kids out for a McD's breakfast and time with cousins... this was also due to the fact that both Caleb and Aubrey (her first!)  lost teeth - that desperately needed to come out.  (Eeeks -McD's was just a small bribe, I guess!)

It was so nice to meet together again, as CG ladies.  Five of us.  Several were unable to attend albeit for various reasons. And they were truly missed..

Our time together - over the next several meetings/breakfasts- will include going through this book together.
I'm really looking forward to growing in this area of ... A Praying Life.

It's going to be a good read.  I can tell.
Still more...
Was a wonderful service at Church, Sunday Morning, with an opportunity afterwards to spontaneously host our dear, dear friends (a family of six) to our home for Sunday Lunch.  I'm so glad they said "yes!"

No pics... because we were so immensely enjoying one another's company and sharing the heart matters that really keep us beating strong.   Oh, my!!  We needed this.


This week, looking ahead, is a busy one.  I may or may not be present. Much....here!!
You understand.

Thoughts, prayers and blessings... bunches of `em... sent your way!


  1. Just love visting with you, you always make me smile... love the pics and such inspiration on your gatherings with friends... Bless you this week... hugs dear girl...

  2. This was lovely! Such a beautiful peek into your weekend - almost an over coffee feel...but here not in person...for now... ;)

    LOVE your daughter Aubrey's hair...I covet it slightly! ;)

    Good on you for the breakfast get together!! I'm sure it was lovely and very much enjoyed!

    Roller skates eh...?? Not for me, I would have sat with you on the sidelines! (with coffee in hand..of course! ;) lol!) but neat family event!! Looks like we had similar family date ideas for this past weekend eh??

    Have a blessed week - busy as it may be! :D

  3. Oh, I've heard wonderful things about this book!

  4. I have so enjoyed being back here reading blogs again...and especially here, Miss Bevy! Caleb has much promise with the camera! I always enjoy the pictures of your family...you have such a special gift of putting words and pics together, Bevy. You really do.

    I had A Praying Life on my wish list for quite a while, and back in December I ordered it, along with other books. I am just about to it in the stack...and you have definitely whet my appetite for it now! I'm always looking to grow in my relationship with Jesus.

    Hugs to you, friend. Enjoy the moments...even the busy ones. :)


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