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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

True Gardener

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The other day, I had a dear friend come and... just spend the day, with me, with us as a family; with her family.  We drank a lot of coffee!!  We talked, we laughed, mothered each other's kids and shared meals together.  But mostly, we just enjoyed each other's presence.

To Just Be!

That was all I needed.  I think she did, too!

At one point, we got strolling around my yard and got to talking about the so called flower beds and some of the "grizzly-looking bushes" I had going on there.  She knows from experience a thing or two about hydrangea and so I listened.

Before I knew it - we were pulling away the long, dead branches, which would just snap right off.  Probably due to the colder weather we had so long over winter.

We found a clippers, or two, and soon we really went to town.  Talk about getting down and dirty.  This friend - was soon found sitting crisscross applesauce in front of my hydrangea and clipping away; cleaning out the dead leaves and debris from around its base, revealing new growth.  Now.  This has been done before, to this bush, but nothing near recent.  And, certainly not by me nor my husband...I think our landlord tackled it once, but not to this extreme.
It was due.

It was neat to see a lot of healthy looking bush coming on strong, up from the ground base.   Before this event took place, I hadn't seen one lick of green - under there.  Something was wrong!  (smile!)

If you know me - you know there is an analogy here, somewhere.

I told my friend, the same thing. And, she laughed.

But, it's true!


I ask.  What happens when a friend, someone, is willing to get down and dirty with you and do a work; to "help" pull away the dead and broken and "debris" and really help to declutter... reveal truth, reveal the hidden, reveal the ugly-beautiful and rejoice with you in new life and growth!?!?

Talk about vulnerability.  Humility!  Exposure!  Grace!
It's all grace.

It is His kindness that leads us to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

In newness of life... we go forward.

Someone is willing - to get down and dirty.  Someone already has!!
That Someone is Jesus...
It's love!   Love with its sleeves rolled up...
He is the True Gardener.

I'm grateful for friends, earthly friends, who are just as willing to do the same...

Thank you, my friend.


  1. Loved this... so good, so true and right to the point... Well said... xo Bevy

  2. Bevy, this is one of my most favorite posts you've done so far. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. It made me think of a friend from several years ago who called me one Saturday morning and asked what was happening in my day. I told her I was up to my elbows in canning corn. 20 minutes later she showed up with her two girls...and her sole purpose for being there was to help me...to be willing to get corn juice all over herself, etc. She is in Heaven now...passed from this world to Glory in her late 40's do to diabetes. She showed that kind of love that you spoke of in this post. Hugs to you, sweet friend!

    1. That is simply beautiful, Dianna. Thanks for sharing this story, the memory, of your dear friend. Something tells me, you're the kind of person who has already paid this {act of love} forward...am I right?

      Blessings to you and yours, this day!

  3. This is soooooooooo good!
    ...just love the way you write...I am
    always so encouraged here!


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