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Monday, June 2, 2014

A collection of sorts...

. .. .. .. .. . ... .. .. ... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ... .. .

If I could have bottled this day up ... I would have.

And yesterday, too.
And, the day before that one!!

Absolutely spectacular!


Our landlord, Mr. A, was out and around on the farm, on Friday - and again today= doing a few chores and asked if Jayne would like a ride on the  "gator".  Absolutely!!  But, by the looks of this photos, she wasn't so sure.  It simply cracks me up.. because it's all she's talked about since.  :)

I've updated This Post with a pic of the Birthday Boy! and his cake...
You can check it out, if you'd like!  If you find a few minutes.  No worries.

 A lot of sewing has been going on behind the scenes, with Bags by Bevy.  Two, no three!, pocket pouches are headed out the door, this week, for Teacher Gifts!!  Here are pics of two of them...

:: Down-the-Shore ::
Pocket Pouch
donated teacher gift

:: Ripple Effect ::
Pocket Pouch
donated  teacher gift

It's hard to believe - school is almost over and summer fun fully begins.
Just a couple more days...

Homespun Baby! shoes, times three! are also set to head out the door, this week, to fulfill an order.
This is the first pair.  I have another boy as well as a girl pair to finish up...
:: Homespun Baby! Shoes ::
boy pair, 0-6 months
reserved order

Oh!  and there is talk, from my mom, of a Clothespin Bag or two or three to be made for a few bridal shower gifts...in the near future!! :)
We have been enjoying the sightings of some new bird families around the property.  I keep seeing glimpses of a this certain black bird with bright orange stripes on it's wings (no pics yet!)... I'm thinking that Red-wing Blackbird is its name.
The orange is what keeps catching my eye.  I'll often see it among the meadow grass, flitting in and out.

As well, these Barn Swallows...though they are very pretty birds they sure do have mean streak to them.  I've noticed.   Hard to get a good close-up of them...so you're going to have to deal with my photo-editing tweaks. ;)

And, our frog is back.  My old-neighbor, Amanda (miss her much, here!) and her kids may remember this fun fella.  We often hear him in the evening... down in the meadow-bog.  Although, my husband says he encountered him - the other night - in our basement.  (eeks!)  Scott had to go down there for whatever reason and there he sat.  I pulled out this photo from last summer - as he was originally first found in under the playground.  The kids found him there and wow! did he ever provide some late afternoon entertainment. :)  I think he was as scared nervous and as enthralled as the kids were of him.

What else?
Oh, in other news. It's coming up on a year of me contracting this Lyme Disease.  Though, it was caught very early on and I was on antibiotics right away... I'm still feeling the effects of that.  The warning has been given to me, of a relapse, and I can't deny it.  It's weird how I feel like I have it all over again (some days/moments are worse than others)... so you can be praying for me, as you think of it.  But... I must go on!

Well, this was a long post!!  I know.
But.  I hope you enjoyed my collection of random thoughts today...
Happy Monday!
We welcome the month of June.

Come back tomorrow for a recap of a new and favorite recipe of mine!
 Tis the season...


  1. Jayne is so adorable... loved the photos....
    You are so talented in your sewing... and oh how I would love to be able to use a clothespin bag... No clothesline allowed here... :(
    I will be keeping you in my prayers and pray that you will get well .... and I will be visiting you again tomorrow... Have a wonderful evening friend... hugs

  2. The picture of the bottle is fun. I wished we could capture good weather.
    Went back and peeked at Caleb's birthday picture. You did such a great job on that cake. Must of been hard to cut into it.
    I didn't realize you contracted Lyme Disease. After looking it up to see what the symptoms are, my heart goes out to you. You're on my prayer list!!

    Your children are so adorable (handsome). Each is so different from each other but you can see who each takes after.

    Love how you have developed your business. I hope you can find energy to continue to make more.

    Good to see your post. Don't ever worry about it being to long. We all enjoy visiting and catching up with you.

  3. Lovely ramblies! Nice work on the cake (checked out that post again!) I love those Lego candies - I BET he was surprised!! I think you are right about the red winged black bird - sounds right - we have lots of them around here!! School out in a few days??? My gals have until the 20th!! Praying for you with the Lyme disease relapse!! :( Pray for strength and healing and comfort!! ♥

  4. I love beautiful days...oh, how I wish we could just bottle them up. Your little one did look rather nervous on the gator...lol Who knows what goes on in the mind of little ones.. they see things so differenly than us.. I have my clothes pin holder on my line...it is a little vintage dress. I love it. I hope you feel better soon. I did say a prayer for you and will continue to remember you. Take care of yourself.. you do not want a relapse..thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.. I have been so busy around the house remodeling and we are beginning a new church start..along with Bible studies and yard work.. just been so busy.. I do need to get back to it.. Have a great day...blessings!

  5. Love looking into your days! Praying for you Bevy. Praying for healing of your body and renewed strength!

  6. I know what you mean about wanting to bottle up the weekend days! They were wonderful here, also! We were able to accomplish much outside!

    Those bags are absolutely adorable, Bevy...as well as the Baby shoes! I'll be anxiously awaiting to see the arrival of clothespin bags. Can't wait!

    I didn't realize that you'd had Lyme's Disease. I am so sorry, Bevy. I have a friend who also had that and you can have relapses from time to time. I will definitely be remembering you in prayer.

    Hugs to you, Girlfriend!

  7. Bevy,
    You have such a gift in the creative and sewing area. I'm always so impressed!
    My boys love frogs and toads. Griffon is carrying a bucket of them through the house as I type. ;o)

    I pray that your symptoms are mild and easily managed regarding the Lyme's...

    Happy-happy week to you!



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