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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Sermon in Shoes

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I've told you before, some of the best conversations I have with my children occur at or around bedtime.

It must have been a Sunday evening or sometime soon there after that this conversation/dialogue took place. I asked my kids if they remembered their Sunday school lesson... what they learned?  Who the story was about, etc.

Caleb remembered. He relayed,  "It was about the Apostle Paul, and that he had been put into prison.  And, while he was there - he wrote notes or letters."  I asked Caleb if he knew why - what the reason was - that Paul was in prison?

"Because, he was telling others about Jesus."  

You know?  Sometimes I wonder how much to really tell my kids.  How wise to share - heartbreaking stories, especially at my kids young ages.  So I proceeded with caution...
I kept this to myself, but I've been thinking - a lot about Meriam.  Praying for her. And so, I alluded to her while continuing to share with my kids... 

I went on to say...that in this world... NOT EVERYONE is happy about knowing who Jesus is.
They don't like HIM, and they don't want others to know about him either and so in order to try and stop the WORD from going out... they will try to stop it by putting people in prison.  Like the Apostle Paul. Sometimes, it's even worse.  Sometimes people will even be put to death... because there are people out there, again, who try their hardest to stop God's Word - the TRUTH - from being spread. 

(Meriam, in my opinion, by standing firm in her faith - with her little babies, at her side - sitting there in prison - awaiting "who knows what?" for sure....now, SHE is A SERMON IN SHOES.  To me, anyway!  Her life is speaking out, testifying...convicting...and encouraging!)

But, that didn't stop it, did it?  Paul, wrote letters to fellow Christians to encourage them and to continue to share the good news about Jesus... the Gospel! and it spread and continued to spread as others,and even more of others began to talk about Jesus and to share and to testify to the Good News of salvation... and here we are today!  We have God's WORD - because nothing or noone can stop the good news from going on.  Isn't that - good news! - in and of itself??

I asked my kids if they could think of a way that they, as kids, could spread the good news of Jesus?   IF Jesus is in your heart - then your a Christian.  I told them that they could be, what is known as, a sermon in shoes, whether at home, at school, at play...

It reminded me of an old Sunday School song called, A Sermon in Shoes and so we talked about that for awhile and what it might look like - at home, at school and out and around... and of course I sang the song to them.  They caught on quickly as it is a catchy little tune and now I hear them singing it - quite often.

 Maybe you know it by the lyrics...penned by Ruth Harms Calkin.

Do you know, oh Christian,
You're a sermon in shoes?
Do you know, oh Christian,
You're a sermon in shoes?
Jesus counts upon you
To spread the gospel news
So walk it and talk it,
(2. live it and give it, 3. teach it and preach it, 4. know it and show it)
A sermon in shoes.

I haven't been able to shake this conversation - with my kids - off of my mind.  The conviction that "this discussion" has brought to me about how shallow I (now) really see myself - having become - as a Christian.

Do I really see myself as A Sermon in Shoes?  NO.  Not always.  I forget..

I forget, so quickly, just how much I'm being watched and observed, etc.  I forget, how much I might be the only sermon anyone will ever hear...more likely see?  People pay attention... more than we know.  I also hope they see humility.  Humanity.  Frailty.  As in - I need Jesus, every. single. day. as much as anyone else.

How should I be A Sermon in Shoes?  Not preachy. For sure, that is not my goal.  I certainly am one NOT concerned with shovin' the gospel down someones throat either,  but truly, how might I intentionally live out my life that shows and shares Jesus?  I (currently) have the freedom to do that.  Without the risk and trial of persecution. Without the threat or happenstance of prison, etc.

How beautiful are the feet (shoes) of those who bring good news... (Romans 10:15, referencing Isaiah 52:7)

Something to ponder, today!



  1. I stand in awe of your sensitivity to the needs of your children when it comes to sharing with them the Word and how the Lord Jesus would have us to follow through with the Good News. It was about a year ago that the Lord began dealing with me about this same issue. My life has not been the same since. Am I always a positive witness...probably not, but I am much more sensitive to His leading now. One day at the grocery store I smiled at the lady in the check out line in front of me. When I went outside, she was standing there with another lady waiting for someone to pick them up...it was pouring down rain. I smiled at her when I saw her again and she stopped me and said, "May I ask you why it is that you smile so much?" I only said one word, "Jesus". She grabbed me and hugged me and said, "Yes! I knew you were a Christian...a Believer in Jesus who came to save us from our sin!" All encounters haven't been like that...BUT...He did show me through that incident that there are so many ways to share Him! Love your heart and spirit here, Bevy! You make me think and rejoice! Oh...and I want you to know that I am going to be making that Rhubarb Cream Pie for our church homecoming picnic on Sunday! :) AND I pinned that to my Dessert board on Pinterest! :) xo

  2. Wow... I loved this... needed this... because honestly, I am sure I fail at showing this... my love for Jesus and the hardest part for me is with my children... I feel like I failed them so big... especially my son... He struggles, we argue, and I try to teach him, but now he is a young adult on his own and he just tunes me out... so I pray... What a blessing that I came here today? I loved this visit... Happy Wednesday Bevy...


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