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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Daybook in June

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FOR TODAY - The second Monday in June

Outside my window... it's a little grey out there, this morning!  Calm and reflective.  I like these sorts of days, best!

I am thinking... it's a little quiet indoors, this morning, as well.  The girls are quietly playing...(no more school, for Aubrey!) and Caleb is in his last few days of school.  This is his last week...

I am thankful... really - for how well this school year went.  God has been faithful to bring good, Christian teachers into our kids lives - so far!  It's really encouraging...
I'm thankful for their influence and resolve to teach and teach well.

In the kitchen...we had some friends here for Sunday dinner yesterday.  My friend - left some pie/dessert for our family to enjoy.  So - oh yeah!  Coffee and shoo-fly pie for breakfast.  How can it get better than that?

I am wearing... a silky, rayon polka-dot skirt in navy blue, with a coordinating blue tee...

I am creating...working on a few Clothespin Bags; filling an order and hopefully have one to put in the etsy shop!

I am going...out to Lancaster Co.  (one of my favorite places to shop) with a girlfriend of mine tomorrow. Celebrating my 41st, requires a day of fun!  Don't you think?  Too bad, its going to have to include some grocery shopping - but I am required to feed my family.. :)
Oh, and I also have to head to the post office today - to mail out a few other gifts and the order of three baby shoes...

I am wondering...I guess it will pretty much rain all day.  I'll be using my dryer this morning... for sure!  No hanging laundry on the line today.

I am reading...still reading, A Praying Life - by Paul E. Miller  (This link specifically shares quotes from the book...)

I am hoping... the ants, in my kitchen; in my house, will soon disappear.  They are... slowly!  I know I do talk about this a lot.  Don't I?

I am looking forward to...spending some time with my friend, tomorrow.  I am also looking forward to what summer will bring.  Babysitting.  Sewing.  Kids off to Camp!!

I am learning...understanding more and more, the 'love languages of my children.  One is Words of Affirmation for sure - the other two?  Well, we're still working on it... the learning of it.  See?

Around the house... are piles!  A pile of school papers that needed sorting and organizing.  A pile of clean laundry to be put away.  A pile of toys that need sorting and stored properly.  A pile or two of bags/boxes heading off to the thrift store... I keep adding to this one.  It feels GREAT!!

I am pondering... the deep and the wide of friends; of relationships...

A favorite quote for today... Cherish the Plain and Ordinary of Today!  it's written in chalk on my kitchen's little blackboard and I pass by it everyday... it continues to remind me of it's importance.

One of my favorite things... my near three year old whispering in my ear.  Talk about "sweet nothings!" - because that is what is.  Too cute!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  in no specific order
Caleb's last day of School for the year.  A Chiropractor appointment.  A Caregroup "event" at the park for the kids, one evening...
Birthday/Lancaster Shopping trip!
My husband and son go camping, with Scouts...

A peek into my day...
a teacher gift - headed out the door, with my son, this morning!!

:: Little Ray of Sunshine ::
pocket pouch
donated gift
And here are the other two pair of Homespun Baby! shoes heading out to the P.O. later today.  (I think I showed you the third pair here.)
Homespun Baby! Shoes - boys
Reserved Order
Homespun Baby! Shoes - girls
Reserved Order

Welcome to...
Joining along with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook...

Come back tomorrow as I share a Prayer Request, of sorts, with you!!
Thanks for reading  - here today.


  1. Oh, Lancaster County! How I wish I were going with you. But I will be there soon enough -- in just a couple of weeks. Sounds like a lovely way to spend your birthday.

  2. Enjoy your day of shopping in Lancaster even though you have to get groceries....:) and Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with many many more! I know the Summer fun begins..as school ends. I do not think things slow down any just different things to do..Yes, what a great blesssing to have teachers who are godly..Just another reminder that God cares about every detail of our lives.. Have a great day and enjoy your week! Blessings!

  3. I just sent you a FB message - BIRTHDAY SHOPPING - FUN!!!!!!!!!!! That's how I spent my bday this year - it was great!! I pray you find lots of lovely and inexpensive (read: good deals!!) things!!! I like your chalk board quote - I think I need to get myself a chalk board for my kitchen!! :D I love the baby shoes - adorable!!! It sure sounds like you are going to have a busy summer....what's your fall looking like...any room for a couple of house guests?? :D Have a blessed and fantastic Birthday!!!!

  4. Wow, just 41.... YOU are so young... I hope you have a wonderful Birthday... Bless you friend.. and yes I am bit older than you... ten years to be exact... but I don't feel it... Shop til ya drop afterall its your day....

  5. A belated happy birthday, Bevy! I do pray that it was a happy one for you...that shopping trip sounds wonderful!

  6. Came over from the Simple Woman's Daybook...what a delightful blog you have! I can so relate to the curse of the spring ants...ours are about gone, finally, later than usual, because we've had so much rain this year! Love the quote! I'm going to have to save that one. And your bags and shoes are adorable. <3

  7. Remember me?!!

    Happy belated Birthday, Beverly! I had a birthday too. I turned 44 on June 5th!
    I hope you had a nice day shopping! : )



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