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Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Hands // Friday's Finds :: Busy Hands

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Little hands. 
That fit in mine.

So small.
so soft.
So tender.



Big hands.



Oh - I have so much to learn from these small hands.
I have much to teach, show, and aide with these here big hands, in return.

Where does the time go?  As we interlock hands.  It seems their hands fill mine more and more each day... they're not as little as they once were.  Will mine influence with good or "bad"?  It really does depend on matters of the heart what gets played out - handed out - handed over.  Hand -to -hand.

I grasp.
I cling.
I settle and rest... into the the very hands that hold mine


Are all that matter.  They hold me, and my hands fit perfectly, learning from the Creator of these hands.


Joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday.
Setting the timer for 5...and just typing it all out.  Unedited.  Unplanned. No stress.  I'm liking these one-word prompts...
Feel free to join along...see all the details there!  It's quite the encouraging community!  I'm really likin' it.
Five Minute Friday

Welcome to Friday's Finds!  Where, today, we find a moment with busy hands..

Recently, I had been asking around if anyone would have an old, solid, tricycle, that they would be willing to let us buy or borrow, for a season, for Jayne to use this summer.  My Mom came to the rescue.  She had this one down in her basement for such times as this... when the grandkids would come over.  Well, currently - Jayne is the only "little one" and we often forget about it at Grandma's because there is always so much other fun stuff to do.

Grandma said we could have it for awhile.  Smile!!

Of course, this busy hand moment was a set up. Afterall, Old Tess is a vintage treasure. I've been wanting pictures...
But, it was a hot day, and the girls needed something to do and so they gave the bike a "carwash", per my suggestion. ;)  I had a couple of hands, on my hands, that needed some "busy work".  It didn't stop there. Soon EVERY BIKE - and scooter, we own and next the screen door and the porch all became part of the project... (Yes ~ I helped!!)

You should have seen our front yard...

Perfect way to spend a few moments outside cooling off... because you all know what eventually happened. Right?

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Give yourself and others a hand... :)


  1. Ah, beautiful! This post spoke what my heart feels! A beautiful comparison of hands and the influence our hands have on our children! In a way, my post is similar ... it's about my mom's hands. :) Visiting here from FMF! :)

  2. Such a lovely post!! Yes, it's true...HIS hands are the ONES that matter most. And, yes...busy hands on a hot day is a good thing....when it involves water. Hugs to you! Camille

  3. I can hear the laughter and squeals as the water ideas grew... Now that is a way to spend a sunny warm day... Enjoy your weekend... A lot going on here , Keep me in your prayers... Thanks...

  4. Visiting from FMF and thanks for stopping by my blog!! Loved your post...makes me miss the days I had little hands to slip inside of mine. :)

  5. I agree with Brenda. Lovely post and so miss those wee hands.. xo

  6. I enjoyed your FMF and your sharing about the fun time you had with your helping hands later on with the trike, scooters, screen door...Loved it all!


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