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Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Lost

... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. ... . .. .. .. .. .. .
Enjoying the lovely quiet of this day!

Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Here comes another..
lovely quiet moment.

We live in them sometimes.
They are filled with moments...loud and long.
Full of friends.
We dream.
We hope.
We demand.
A hope.  Not lost.

Where does this bubble go?
Up, around, encircling.  Intertwining with wind and wave. Of emotions.  Of feelings.  Of nothing.
Why?  Such a sphere we wrap ourselves in.  It's so fragile.
What happens when before we know it.  We've bumped into something.  Someone.
And our bubble is burst.

Into what?
Never to be exact as it once was.

Maybe that is a good thing.
We ponder.
Those quiet moments that come daily and become such a part of us.
We wait for it, Wait for it.  Wait for it.
Here it comes...

Oops!  Now.
That one is lost too!

May our lives be filled with purpose.  Not lost to the shatter of this world.

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May you have a wonder-full weekend!!


  1. Hello! This was very well done, and very poetic! I really enjoyed it :)

    1. Thank you! And, thank you for visiting here... you must be from FMF, as well??

  2. First I have to tell you, what a beautiful little girl Jayne is... Precious indeed... Bubbles don't ya just love them... but when life's bubbles burst sometimes its hard.. but if you stay focused, things will turn out fine, or maybe it is just God's way of letting us know that it wasn't meant to be... Loved this... Have a wonderful Quiet day... Bless you ....

    1. Thank you, Connie...
      You're encouragement is always "first-class". I appreciate you!

      May your weekend, be blessed! It's lovely here, in Southeastern, PA!

  3. Ah, I loved this poetic post! Beautiful photos too - what a sweet girl! :) To see whether a bubble burst is a good thing or a bad thing ... sometimes it's a good thing - we're enlightened, sometimes it's a bad - something went wrong in our lives. But as long as we fill our lives with purpose, cling to the God who made us, we won't be lost! (I'm a couple days late with FMF but wanted to check yours out when I finished mine! :) )


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