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Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Messenger

. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. ... . .. ... .. .... .. .. . .. .. .. . ..
She sat there like a lady.
She didn't say much.
Except for the whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
I kinda liked what I heard.
Nothing much.
Just the pretty.
Just the sweet.
Just the empty.

Along came another.
She felt like a lady, too - all sweet and all; unintentionally she was a "bug".
I didn't mind completely... until it all sank in.
Here was truth.
Her words riveted.
They were needed.
Hard to hear.

I don't know that I enjoyed this company the same.
But when I slowed to think...
I realized.

This MESSENGER was meant to come my way.

"faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." ~ prov. 27:6


Joining up with....Lisa-Jo Baker!
Five Minute Friday

Where you set the timer for 5.  Don't over think or analyze...just write.  Raw, unedited and from the heart!
Ironically, I took this photo, of this ladybug, earlier in the day. My son - thought it was a picture of him and begged; wanting to see it.  I asked him - before showing it - if he was a lady?  "NO!, he said emphatically---
But, you are a bug, I retorted, with a smirk, immediately turning the camera so he could see the photo.

We got a good little laugh out of that one.   I love that he gets my quirky humor..

I hope you'll all come back on Monday for my next Mugs & Muffins?

I have a great guest wanting to share her heart on the subject of hospitality.
It's one of my most favorite of topics.

There will be a nice little Giveaway, as well.  See you then?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the absolute truth of your post. Empty was the word that struck me first. For it to real, and helpful, and encouraging, it must also be honest. And sometimes, perhaps often, those words sting first. But, Scripture tells us that the truth is better than the empty. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from FMF. Oh, and I love the picture!

  2. Often we don't stop and listen or don't realize we're being 'spoken' to. Then we breeze on and don't recognize that we were given a much needed message. Slowing down, savoring moments in time, and pondering the lessons are what a lot of us need to do more often. I'm definitely one who needs to do this more.
    Enjoyed this and really appreciated your comment. This is my first time here except for once a long, long time ago and I wasn't sure if my words were worthy. So, thanks for the 'uplifting'. And thanks for stopping by. :>)

  3. Bevy, loved this idea... I did something similar years ago... I took a magazine and as I flipped thru the pages anything that "stood" out big from the page, I cut out and put aside... it can be words, quotes, photos, recipes... whatever catches your eye... Once you reach the end of the magazine then you glue all to a big poster board... wait for it to dry... then leave it... After a few hours, and your mindset is not on the poster anymore... and its dry... Come back and look what you created... It is a Wow for sure... I saw my dreams, my fears, things I needed to change... it was a eye-opener for me for sure... I did this in free time when I was alone... I shared with my hubby, and he did one too eventually... Anyway.. just thought I would share... it helped me realize how important my days were and what I was focusing way too much on and what and where I was in life...
    I can see Caleb smiling big when you showed him the photo... too funny... Have a great weekend... Hugs dear girl...

    1. oh I forgot to say, this was more than a 5 minute thing... lol

  4. Ahhh, I love this post! Such a beautiful image of, really, two messengers! You sure have a way with words!

  5. Stopping by from FMF. What a lovely way to describe hearing the truth! The photo is perfect.


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