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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Please be Praying...

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UPDATE:  Dear Prayer Team...  Thank you for your prayers. We arrived safely in Budapest and are back home. We praise God for your prayers. The kids were exhausted but already got some rest and are enjoying being back home. ~ J & A Alleman and family

What dear friends.  What an opportunity!
We're going to miss these guys.

 Thanks for coming back here today.

 I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had a prayer request of sorts... and this is what it is.  Please be praying for Jared and Abby Alleman and their three beautiful kids.

This dear family, (as I type) are in an airplane, right now, heading back to Hungary.  They should arrive sometime on the 10th!  Today!!  Although - I am not sure the time differences, etc.
They live there - as missionaries; learning/have learned the language *which is very hard* - working with Cru.
They had been back here, in the States, for about 6 weeks.  Visiting here with friends and family and supporters...and during that time, it was our family's awesome privilege to watch their little ones for several hours each week - just to give Jared and Abby time to do what they needed to do, PR -wise (public relations) and or errands, etc.

One afternoon - Abby stayed too! Hence the collage of photos up top.  It was so great to just sit, share lunch and coffee!!  OH, COFFEE! and just chat away; fully catching back up...she is such a sweet sister in the Lord. 

You may recall from my very first official Mugs & Muffins, two years ago or so, that I had asked my friend, Abby,  to write a guest post, on Motherhood...which she so wonderfully did.  This was just as they were getting ready to officially move to Budapest, Hungary.

This quotes resembles my friend in so many ways...

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. ~ Unknown

I'm so glad I have this footprint, freshly impressed, in and on my heart!
And now that of each of her family as well...

Be sure to keep abreast of their mission outreach and be praying for them and their ministry as you are led.
You can follow along on Abby's Facebook page, as well.

They truly are doing the work of God... evangelizing and making every effort to share the good news of Jesus Christ!  They are humbly serving HIM and I continue to be encouraged as I read their praise upon praise upon praise - reports of the work that is going on in the hearts of so many people.


  1. Bevy, Beautiful photos of your beautiful friends... will be keeping them in my prayers.... and you and yours of course.... Keep praying for me and my family too... Thanks... hugs always...

  2. I'm always encouraged when I read about wonderful families that are serving the Lord.
    Yes, prayers!
    I'm glad you had the opportunity to give her some of your coffee and love.

  3. Your missionary friends are a joy to you...brings back a lot of memories of the time our daughter and her family spent on the mission field. They are definitely treasures!

    I also wanted to tell you, Bevy, that I did make that Rhubarb Cream Delight and it was a HUGE hit at our church picnic Sunday afternoon! A bit later this week I will be sharing the recipe and sending visitors your way. :)

    Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.


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