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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What my Grandmother used to say...

.. ... ... ... ... ..... ... ..... .. .... .. ... .... ..... ..
Good, better, best.
Never let it rest.
Until the good is better
and your better, best!  
~ unknown


Somedays, we keep trying.  It's all we can do!

It was another one of those days round here... you know, of the warm kind!  And while I don't feel like doing much of anything (I figure it's a Lyme relapse... whatever!), I have had the blest privilege to carry on a few conversations with friends who have never heard this saying before.  For whatever it was that we were talking about...this quote seemed quite fitting to share and it led into yet another discussion...or two.

So, I ask you.

Have you ever heard this one before?

It's catchy, isn't it.

Good, better, best.  Never let it rest.  Until the good is better and your better, best!  ~ unknown

By the way.  I miss my grammy!


  1. Yes, I have heard that saying before. One of my grandma's sayings was, "If something is worth doing, do it right the first time." ;) I miss my grandma's too. Hope things cool down for you there. We've had really humid days here the last couple of days. Hugs!

  2. I hadn't heard that saying, but Mom used to say "Things done for half are never done right" and it still rings in my ears when I'm tempted to do something "for half"! :-)

    1. Oh my! Nancy - I can hear you "repeating" this one, too! "For half"... love this!

  3. I actually hadn't ever heard that but as soon as I read it, I thought your grandma must have been a wise woman. So much truth to that saying!

  4. I have heard that before... One thing my "Mamaw" always told me was Kindness kills... Being mean gets a person no where... Miss her daily... Loved this... Isn't it amazing how our Grandmother's taught us so much and after the years it still stands strong.... It makes me think of how some of our younger generation just don't care about them... so sad.... My hubby asked our Nephew if he was going to go and visit his grandfather, he asked why should I do that... I really thought my hubby was gonna bring him down a notch... but he held his composure and said, Maybe respect and because he is your grandfather.... Good Post Bevy...

  5. Hi Bevy, Thanks for the kind words you left on our blog. I just had to make a visit over. Your blog is beautiful :) I haven't heard that saying before but it is catchy! Seems like this is a week to remember grandmothers! I shared something last week, another blogger friend Stephanie shared something as well, and now your sweet and reminiscent post :) Are grandmothers special? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Also, please join us on Mondays and link up your sweet posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)


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