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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Daybook in July

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FOR TODAY  - the third Monday in July

Outside my window... the wash that my hubby hung up, for me, late yesterday afternoon is still hanging on the line... we failed to take it down in time before the evening dew had fallen on it.  

I am thinking...I figured one night, overnight, on the line, can't be all that bad!  I appreciated his help!!

I am thankful... for the (double) Date Night! we had last evening - with two of our dearest friends.  Hence, a late night and not getting the wash down in time.  :)
For sure, this date was needed... and lots of fun!  Dinner, Mini-golf and Ice Cream!!

In the kitchen... coffee!  Always... and home baked cookies, later today!

I am wearing... a brown & ruffly, Sarah Clemens, skirt and red t-shirt

I am creating... another "custom" bag order.  A friend of mine had a rather colorful coat, gifted to her by her now, late husband.  She no longer wears the coat and thought perhaps a bag out of it would be nice.  ** I don't do this for everyone.  And perhaps this bag will have it's own post in due time... stay tuned!

I am going... headed out the door in just a few moments to take the kids off to camp.  They're at the start of their second to last week of camp:  Camp Good News.  Till it's all said and done, they'll have gone to camp six weeks out of the summer!

I am wondering... how the kids will fare this week?  I could tell that the attendance had nearly doubled since the beginning days of camp, several weeks ago.  I told them ... this means, you're going to have make great effort to welcome the "newbies" to the camp.   To still enjoy yourself;  in all the activities and games, but you might have to step back more often and let the others (again, newbies!) have a turn more often.
It may be just me... but I worry.  I worry that they'll forget their manners sometimes.  Being "old hat" and oh so comfortable with the rhythm and routine of "camp life" that they'll forget to be mindful, share and sensitive.  I pray that they'll make friends easy and not just kids that they already know so well...

I am hoping...all in all that they'll have loads of fun!!

I am looking forward to...  My two older kids are also signed up for swimming lessons - which start on Saturday!  I'm glad about this, as it's my husband who has got the ball rolling on this.  I have never taken lessons and what limited "swimming" I have ever done, be it in creeks or murky farm ponds, oh there was an occasional swimming pool (that's what I grew up doing!), but I should have learned somewhere, sometime, something.
 I personally have had too many scary close calls and therefore don't like the water (I'll go in, but don't make me go under!)... Scott, my husband, on the other hand, is a fish!  HE LOVES the water and our 7yr old, Caleb, is right behind him in this... I hope something great will come of swimming lessons.

I am reading...well, you might find this interesting?  Remember my Summer Reading dilemma?  Well, I chose the Jan Karon book (In the Company of Others) to start reading, as my "light" reading.  I literally laughed out loud while reading the first chapter and have been reading it, slowly, ever since.  I'm still plugging away at: A Praying Life.  It's just going to be this way for awhile... and, that's okay!

Oh, I forgot.  Over the weekend my sister, Gladys, gifted me with two "new" cookbooks - as a belated birthday gift!  Of course, I've been thumbing through them, now, too!  These two books are:  A Farmer's Daughter, by Dawn Stoltzfus  *(I follow Dawn's blog) and Homemade Goodness; which is a collection of recipes by various current and former cooks at Bald Eagle Wilderness Boys Camp.    A place where my sister, Gladys, is currently the head cook!

 I'm super excited about both of these cookbooks.  And, I thank her for these gifts!!

** As a side note:  Homemade Goodness is recently hot off the press, available, for sale with the proceeds going to benefit this Boys Camp.  Check it out!  Actually, you might have to contact that camp directly for a sale to be completed... I can't find anything online about it, as of yet!

UPDATE:  I found an email address for orders to be placed:  homemadegoodness4u@gmail.com

I am learning...in bits and pieces... what flexibility is all about.  Don't ask me much about it... I might snap! ;) Or, get too bent out of shape!  lol.

I'm also learning... enjoying... my kids enthusiasm towards things in nature whether in the sky or on earth. Have you ever seen an upside down rainbow?  We have... just the other evening.  Daddy got called away from his study hour with questions out the whazoo of how and why and what would cause "that!"?
I was all ears..

Around the house... catching up from the weekend... I'm sure.  I do have to get that wash down and bake those cookies.. there might be some dinner to cook for, a watermelon to cut up and a bed to sleep in tonight.  I'm tired!  and it's only mid-morning...

I am pondering...the health benefit of Colloidal Silver.  As it pertains to me having/had Lyme Disease, in the last year and what seems like forever... Plantar Warts, on my feet.  Someone sent me information on it... and I'm really, really intrigued.  I would like to be free of this stuff..

A favorite quote for today...  "I Passed!"  
Something my hubby said to me, over the phone this morning... as another part of his schooling is behind us. There is more to go.  But, each time I hear those words... I'm so giddy with excitement for his successes.  Thank you, Lord!!

A few (not just one) of my favorite things... listening to my baby (soon-to-be) three years of age, playing the game Candy Land with her siblings or (older!) friends.  Seeing her toes curl, in concentration - at watering flowers.  Picking off a few handfuls of green beans...
Again, hearing my kids exclaim over things they see or hear, etc.

A few plans for the rest of the week: in no particular order.  Swimming lessons, dentist appointments, Scout meetings (for my son and hubby), lunch dates with a few friends (on separate days), caregroup social, a memorial service (if I go!), and  my Mother-in-law, Susie Mom,  is planning to come for a few days...overlapping some of these other things.  

A peek into my day...

Something's missing.  Must have been that needed article of clothing..snatched off the line last evening!!  I think it was me..
How do you like our creativity when we've run out of line for the load?

Enjoy, your day!  Thanks for reading along.. 
 Joining up, today, with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook... and you can too!

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  1. What a joy to read here today, Bevy...to get to know you a bit better and what things excite you and what things you are learning! Flexibility...that's not always an easy one to learn! Loved the picture of your youngest watering the plants...and that upside down rainbow is amazing. Thank you so much for thinking to take a picture...and sharing it with us. Hugs

    1. You're welcome, Dianna. Your own Daybook post, today, inspired me to get on it for July. Before July comes and goes and I've missed. I see you do it every week. So far, I've only fit it in on one Monday a month. And no specific one either. Just whenever... It works...

      Enjoy your day!

  2. Bevy, what a lovely post, I have to tell ya, I can't swim at all...and I love the water... Its a good thing that your kids are getting swimming lessons. Swimming was one priority that I made sure happened when raising my children.. my hubby is a wonderful swimmer and use to be a Scuba Diver... and even if I did swim Scuba would not be for me... but anyway, he taught our kids and boy was I nervous.. but we always have been BEACH people, I felt it was needed... I just stayed inside while he taught them because I too often would freak out if they seemed to slow down, get tired, etc...

    Scott Passed........ YEAH..... I got goosebumps reading that, I guess because I an relate when they are involved in the school stuff... another step forward... what is his major?

    And I am sorry that you are still feeling the effects from Lyme Disease... I am sure this is frustrating to you... and Tired in the morning, that is awful... I will be praying for you...

    The photos are lovely, and I saw her cute toesies.... and wow the rainbow...

    My Monday had plans, but they got scrubbed this morning... was suppose to help can green beans with an aunt, but she cancelled due to stress of an issue in her family... her dil got caught cheating on her son.. by the FIL... so everything is a mess.. my aunt needs time to be alone due to the hurt and worry with her son... so keep them in your prayers... Vows seem not to be taken sacredly anymore... which saddens me...
    So my Monday is just that my monday... will be doing the normal stuff , housekeeping, and tiding up.. I will be taking some notes via internet to work more on my journey of how to become more frugal... I so desire to be debt free... but in time..
    Other than that, the sun is shinning brightly I may just venture outside for a bit...
    Take care sweet friend, enjoy those cookies... (what kind)... I may do that as well...

    1. Oh Connie... thinking of you, too! To answer your cookie question. Oatmeal Raisin, this time! I have to be selective - because anymore these days you can't do much of Peanut Butter or with Nuts...due to allergies. I usually make a batch or two (per camp request) each Sunday afternoon/evening for Monday - the first day of camp. And... well, as you read, I was busy last evening.

      I forgot to mention as I was at a Family Reunion all day - Saturday, as well. :)

      Yes! This Lyme thing is so awful. I'm almost out of the relapse - I think. Some days are better than others. Today isn't too great! I'm just plain down weary. And, I'm so nervous about them. The other day I found another tick just randomly crawling up my spine just under my bra strap... it freaked me out. I was not expecting to find a tick. I thought maybe an ant or something like that. I'm dealing with those BIG ones, still, here and there in the house. Yeah! I cried... (ask my hubby!). It just really threw me for a loop..

      And, yes. Isn't that rainbow something? The portions of the house roof in the bottom of the photo are eaves jetting out - kind of under the upstairs windows where Scott studies. Moments before Caleb spotted this rainbow - we heard a hootin' and hollerin' from Scott about some area of this schooling he's doing...where he "finally" had figured something out. ya know? And - we joked around that the Lord sent the rainbow above (though upside down?) - just as hope or something for this portion of his course of study. He's going for his Bachelor's in IT.. We still have a (small) ways to go. October looks like our end date/time frame. Lord willing!!

      I'll be thinking of your aunt and family situation... there... and lift you in prayer as you stand by and encourage where you can. Blessings, Connie to you and yours..

  3. Hi there! Love this Daybook post. A peek into someone else's day is always a boost to do more in my own time. :) I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I didn't know you had visited until just today. I don't know what's up with the lack of notification from my blog reader, but I'm glad I found it anyway. You asked if I knew anything about Lamb's Ears. I've heard it was used in colonial times in the outhouse. Other than that I'm not sure. I'll have to look into it as it's always good to know your options. :) Have a great week!

    1. Too funny! Yes, I've heard that too - about the Lamb's Ear being used as another option... :) oh boy!

  4. I always enjoy these!! Your photos are lovely - did you get a new camera?? ;) I showed Dave the upside down rainbow - we have both never heard of that!! Dave said it looked like God is smiling down on the earth!! :) (Oh - just read a comment from you above - so I'd have to say it's God smiling down on your family!! ♥) You seem busy this week but I will be calling...so I hope I catch you at a good time...I haven't been very successful at that yet! ;)

    1. No. NO new camera as of yet! ;( - just using my to death and taking advantage of picmonkey for their exposure 'help'. Tis all...

      I loved your comments - even Dave's - that God is smiling! Neat...

      I would love to hear from you. I'll even have the coffee ready and waiting for when you do.

  5. Funny thing about clothes lines....during our Bible study time last night at our house..all the kids usually play outside...My nephew who is over 6ft was running with the kids and got "clothes lined",,,literally! He ran directly into into the clothesline...My husband has threatened to move it.. Everyone seems to forget it is there...lol. I suppose if they would hang the clothes out more often they may remember...I love that the kids have a Christian Day camp for two weeks...that is great.. I am sure they will do fine.. Congrats to your hubby..I love cookbooks.. I have so many....It seems I do not use them like I use too.. I tend to google more often...:( Have a great week! Blessings!

  6. You entertained me today, especially with the last picture!

    1. That is my husband for you. Our family motto ... if it don't fit, make it! Although, I must say I think he learned that trick from me. :) Glad you enjoyed this, today...

  7. I'm so glad you took a photo of that rainbow..it had me curious!
    Hope the kids have a great last week of camp

  8. I had to laugh, I thought we were the only crazies who did stuff like that to our clothesline. My daughter invented this method in our household ;)

    Looks like your day went wonderful!

    Hope your week is the same :)

  9. Loved this look into your days! I can't begin to tell you how many times our laundry has spent the night on the line! Love you friend!

  10. I've enjoyed visiting your blog so much! I got a kick out of your creative way to hang clothes when you ran out of line. Creative thinking!

    I'm a big Jan Karon fan. Enjoy your summer reading!


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