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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And they're off... to the Rustic West!

.. .. .. .. .. .... .. . .. .. ... .. .... . .. .. . .. .. .. .

Sent my `lil Cowgirl and oh-so-wild and wonderful Indian off to camp...for the day!

{This was fun, getting them out the door this morning!}


  1. Adorable..... her smile is contagious....

  2. Aww! Looks like they are having a great time!!

    1. Yup! this was Camp's Theme... Rustic West... for this week. Uhmm, let's just say it was, you know, 30 minutes until we needed to leave, this morning. I'm trying to think what to do for 'feathers' for Caleb. We went into the sewing room. I pulled out a few scraps of cloth. (this is cute!) Caleb says to me - as he leaves the room to go find something...??? - "Mom, you can cut or make whatever you want - I know I will like it".
      Hence, the dub, Wonderful Indian! :)

  3. Oh my, Bevy...what a treasure you have in that Caleb. He does know how to make a mama's heart swell with pride, does he not? And your 'lil cowgirl is absolutely adorable! Love visiting with you, Bevy.

  4. Adorable. :) Looking forward to seeing them again before school starts! Zeph was asking just a few days ago...


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