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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Bags by Bevy} I just want to honor...

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I never thought that I'd have back-to-back stories from Bags by Bevy, like this!
But, here's another.

I share today, to honor two lovely friends.  Mr. & Mrs. S.
They are leaving, driving by car, later today, to relocate; off to another state...far, far away!
We'll always remember our friends!

And, in effort to bless them - our church family (a.k.a., our small group!) wanted to send them off with a few cards of encouragement and small gifts.
I knew I wanted to make a Pocket Pouch for my friend, anyway.
And, so I volunteered the "gift bag" to house our parting gift in.  I named the bag, Grace & Mercy!

Grace & Mercy
:: gift given ::
(large, pocket pouch w/ french knots)

Although I named it this, it is only a similar phrase that my friend would often share, because she corrected me the other day by telling me - she always said, "grace & peace".  True!
Either way, both of those phrases are our prayer for our friends as they travel.

In the meantime...

She told me she took liberty to rename it something entirely different.
Which, I guess is okay - seeing as it is hers to do with as she'd like. :)

May our dear friends have traveling mercies...
and safe passage along the way.

We're praying for you!!
D & D.
Thank you for being like grandparents (in a way!) to our kids, we love you!  And, for all the blessing you've been to both my husband and I - this short while we've known you.  Thank you, and God bless!

In other news...
There is a second; a "twin" of this Pocket Pouch...in my etsy shop!

UPDATED TO ADD:  this item is already SOLD!!
It just SOLD, this afternoon!  Thank you!

No two bags are exactly alike.  In this case, it is the button, and hand embroidery, that make these two Pocket Pouches different.
Thank you, for looking!!


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