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Monday, July 28, 2014

{Bags by Bevy} Just In Time...

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Just In Time!
Small bag, with over-the-shoulder handles
:: SOLD ::
To and for someone special!

Can you tell, it's a secret?  I'll update when I can...
Which is today!

Actually, the truth is.  I've had this post in draft - for what seemed like forever!!
I finally am allowed to share this!!

Here is the story...
My brother, Justin, is dating the most beautiful of beautiful and had asked me make his girl a "bag" for her birthday!  Which was back, oh let's see - wait, we are still in July - sometime in the earlier part of the month??  (of course, I'm not going to divulge her birth date.) :)

See why it feels like forever?

Due to various circumstances...it's taken finally until now to get this bag/gift to her.
Needless, to say.  The bag is living up to its name.  Fully!! And, it came...
Just in time!

Its perfect, for her.  Just perfect!!

Feel free to browse the shop at any time.  Thanks for looking!


  1. That bag is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE the print! I'm sure she'll love it, too.

    1. Oh, she already does! He gave it to her last night!!

  2. Oh what a wonderful gift to a special person... I think its beautiful.... I am sure she will love it... Happy Monday Bevy....

    1. She loves it!!

      Happy Monday to you, as well, Connie!!


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