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Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Finish

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: go :

How is that almost before this day is even begun that I want, need, this day to be over.


I listen to the constant song of the bird outdoor and she never stops!  
Her singing goes on.  And on.

The brook, in my memory, babbles on and on, never ending.  She sings, too!  Over rocks and "interference" with ne'er a care...

And yet, I want to finish.

It's early morning.

Like I've said, we've hardly got started.  And, I wonder, how can I keep going?

I think of the bird and her song.
The brook and its' babble..

And I think of how the Psalmist says...
As long as I have breath I 'm going to keep singing praises to my God...

I have breath. 
It's been given to me - each morning - as a gift.
I can't be done.

I can't finish. 
Like this.

I must go on and finish well...

Thank you, Lord, for this fresh reminder.... 
You, are not finished with me yet, either.

: stop:

You know.  If it was left up to me and my actions or words or thoughts... it would be finished!  But, without the grace of the Lord - going before, and coming behind me.  Picking me up and carrying me forward...
He would have every right to "finish me off"...and call it for what it is!

But God! It is HE!   He wants me to finish well.  As in - Well Done!  And, He is there to deliver!!
Across the finish-line!

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Five Minute Friday
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Thank you, as always, for reading along.  May your weekend have its own good finish to it, as well!  
God bless..


  1. I can relate to your sentiments early this morning. Glad to have found you through FMF!

    1. Oh boy! and the day continued to be a doozy. Right down to me falling flat on my face (outside), literally. Overtreading my ankle and skinning my knee... and retwisting a former broken wrist. Yeah! I don't feel too good right about now... and in it all. The LORD continues to visit me with his grace. Tears are truly a wonderful cleanse to the soul.
      I hope your day, has gone better than mine, Jen. Nice meeting you, too, through FMF.

      Thanks for your coming by and your tag of "encouragement".

  2. Some days are like that and then some are just over the top! Grateful you were able to see it through. I love the picture you shared...the posts and gingerbread are like the ones at my home place! Loved seeing it in your picture also.

    1. Gingerbread? Is that what you call the design cut into our porch trim? Our landlord said he did that when he "young(er)"... he was born and raised on this farm...and in his late 70's, I would guess..

  3. Oh Bevy, if that fall was recent I can relate... I am always finding a HOLE or re-injuring my ankle... I fell on our new deck last fall, and I am still feeling the results in my lower left leg... I have a bad ankle so down I go... something funny is this.... when I met my hubby and after we dated a while it was time to go meet his family.... ( in florida) anyway, I was more skinny then lol... thank heavens... but I had this little dress on with flat shoes,, I was walking up to the front door of his parents home, walking in the grass and wal-la I found a HOLE in the yard, ( couldnt walk on sidewalk sprinklers were on) DOWN I went... I think Ron's eyes became 1/2 dollars and I just looked up and thankfully the door was shut and so were the blinds... WHew I was so embarrassed... I always say if someone is gonna fall, find a Hole IT will be me... I hope if it was recent you are feeling better....
    And about how hard it is to keep going somedays... I think we all have days like that... I too sometimes dread my day ahead, but then I am reminded I am Alive and GOD has blessed me to be here... so its a kick in my pants motivation if you will... so I get up, get going... I am trying so hard to be intentional with my days... I feel like since my boy left home I have a hard time some days... I guess its where he was my first born, my life was all about him, and now I feel lost some days... He was a needy boy, I always cooked , cleaned, and we had great conversations... Kylie is independent, not as needy, and she is simple... with a great heart... talks alot... so its different... So these are the days, when I need God to help me more... and so ya know sometimes I am so heavy hearted, for my boy, my girl, my hubby, my family, my dad's illness, my stepmoms weakness in this all... that I just wish I could float away... but thankfully God made me strong willed, and I have learned on days like these, to just step back, take a country drive and PRAY... It soothes my soul... Bless you Bevy... xoxo

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey! I am so thankful that the good work that God starts in us He will carry on unto completion. I hope your ankle and knee are feeling better and that you have a wonderful day!


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