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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: this thing called {exhale}

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This post was written and ready to go for Friday - and literally- I had no time to get it up until now..
apparently I was busy living out the words I share below.  I had no idea, fully, how "prophetic" these words would become in the midst of this past weekend.
Thanks for reading!

: go :
I read the prompt, for today. Exhale.
I had to laugh out loud.
That's exactly what I've had to do in the last 24 hours.
For the next 24- 48.


Letting go... of pent up emotion.
Pent up busy waiting to be unearthed.
Aiming... Ready to be on top.
Ready to be on game.
 It's all going to come crashing down if I don't.


Truth is.
I don't need to be anybody or anything different.
I just need to be real.
And reflecting Jesus.
I need to be me.

If that means in my exhale.
I cry a little.
that's okay.

If that means in the busy.
and I need to sit down and let others help.
that's okay.

If it means just being in the presence of others... listening.  Letting others exhale.
That's good too.

Jesus says, without me you can do nothing.
I'm helpless on my own.

I have this ever increasing desire to let him do it all. (smile!)
That's having a helpless-dependence on him.
And what he wants.

:: stop ::

Joining up with Five Minute Friday and Lisa -Jo Baker

Five Minute Friday


Trust you had a wonderful weekend and a fun-filled Fourth of July!
Ours was packed to gills and just as wonderful..


  1. I love your prose on exhaling. I was just thinking these thoughts this morning. That I don't have to do it all. "I need to sit down and let others help." This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I just linked up right behind you at FMF! Oh, and BTW, I love, love, love your blog design! I just looked below and saw who designed it. I may have to look into it! Blessings!

  2. O I love reading your Five Minute Friday posts! Exhaling...and letting others help...well, they both are stumbling blocks for me. I am beginning to get the idea that HE is showing me where I need to spend some time. Thank you, Bevy!


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