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Monday, July 14, 2014

Front Porch Chatter...

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Back to the busy of another week!

How are you doing this morning?  Would you care to sit here on my front porch to chat a spell?
I have a Coffee Cake here that is just begging to be eaten.  The recipe is exactly the same as this one, except that I changed out the cherry pie filling for blueberry.  It's pretty yummy - either way you choose.

Here!! The coffee is going to get cold if you don't come on! :)


We had a glorious thunderstorm, last night. Did you hear any of it?  It must have been short and sweet...  Lots of beautiful sounding rain, though!  At least, while it lasted.
Just my kind of night to fall asleep to. :)  Did I sleep well?  Oh, yes!!
But, not everybody.  What a fitful night!
I woke up this morning to find my hubby and son on the two couches in the living room...??
Apparently, someone wasn't feeling too well.  (oh boy!)

Of course, there is laundry going this morning.  Though, I'm not sure I can really hang it out.
The weather outside is very damp with humidity.  I doubt it will dry too well.  The sheets might be fine...
Inside the kids are playing...a game!
Two of my own are already off to a Bible Day Camp.  But my youngest is here with the young gal (9yrs old) I'm "watching" - most everyday.  When she comes, she's here from 7am- 5pm.

I planted just a few green bean plants in my flower beds... just like other years.  
They're hanging on, those beans!  And blooms galore..
These are mostly for a midday snack or perhaps enough for a meal here and there!

I'm grateful.  That rain sure was a blessing, last night.
A couple of weeks ago... we helped my Aunt Mary put in her garden and there I was able to plant seed; a full row of beets and some more beans.  As well, a few tomato and pepper plants.
The idea of a small garden, here at the house, got nixed! (in case, anyone was wondering!)
I'm sure...one of these days; either early morning or later in the evening... we'll be up at her place, pulling weeds!  It's not as convenient  as right out the back door... but just a place to have a few things planted somewhere (even though it's a half hour away), is piece of mind.

So, I didn't really tell you that my husband and son had been away for about three days on an overnight Cub Scout camping trip.
I had the girls with me...of course... and we did a few of our own fun things! Mostly it meant, just keeping the home-fires burning...
Visiting with family and friends and playing dress-up were part of the occasion.  There were games to be played and stories to be read..
Sewing to be done and things to be baked! :)
(Not kidding... this needs to get eaten, by some other than me!  It's great to have next-door neighbors with which to share!  a.k.a. my brother Justin - who is ALWAYS, always a willing recipient. )
One of the fun things we did was when and where us gals headed out to Lancaster to do our monthly grocery shop!  We even did that in style, too!  With beads, and bracelets and feathery hairbands, etc..
I have pictures, if I can figure out how to get them off my phone! :)
It kept the girls entertained... and the fellow shoppers; mostly the elderly ladies, out and around - while shopping amused.  Needless to say, we received a lot of sweet comments along the way.

Everyone was back home safe and sound - together again- on Saturday evening.  As for Sunday?  There is nothing, nor nowhere better to be that at the Lord's House - for Worship!
Coming home, from Church, to a simple of lunch of  Lancaster's finest... was a great way to unwind!
Just being together, is a beautiful thing!

What a blessed weekend it was...
How about yours?
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  1. Oh my...if only I were your neighbor! That coffee cake looks absolutely delicious! I'll be checking out that recipe when I want to have a special treat to share with others. The time you had with your girls sounds so special, Bevy. Glad to know that your guys made it home safely...and that you family is all together once again. Family is a beautiful thing.

    1. Yes! True, is that...

      Thanks for coming by again, today. Nice to have your visit! :) You enjoy the coffee cake (when you make it, of course!)...

  2. Good Morning Bevy, oh how sweet it would be to sit on the porch with you and chat... the coffee cake looks delish... Sounds like you had fun on your trip to town.. and sharing that day with your girls.. Thunderstorms woke me early this morning, I was up and so was my girl Kylie... she really dislikes storms as so do I... we got caught in a major hail storm a few years ago, and with in 10 minutes we had 2 inches of hail on the ground.. it was terrifying to say the least and we were in our car... it sounded like a war zone... so now we are on alert everytime it storms... but it seems its just a rainy day here in Ky... It will be a great day for simple home cleaning... laundry too...
    It is nice to come here for a visit... Have a wonderful day... xo

    1. Oh Connie... I would LOVE to have you come and sit a (REAL) spell on our front porch.

      I can't imagine all that hail... I have seen one really bad storm, when I was a little kid that I will never forget... but I'll always love a good thunderstorm. Except when they're so close and they hit "home". That is true..too. The first year we moved into our farmhouse here, we had a storm; lightning hit one of our few trees and down wires but Scott actually had felt a shock which hit him inside the house.

    2. The sad thing was I lived about a mile from the store which was a block building, and when we left the house nothing was happening (we lived in a singlewide mobile home) and I thought just in case we would be more safe at the store... got to the store parking lot, and could not make it inside... we waited and then went home to find massive hail damage to our vinyl siding, and windows... and my car had hail dings like crazy... I was just thankful that we were ok...
      And for Scott and you it must have been terrible with the lightning... I respect all storms... and have taught my kids to as well... back in 1992 I lived in Florida, and felt the effects of Hurricane Andrew... now that was scary... we had no real damage but the wind and rain was horrible, we did have family that lost everything... so you just never know... my dad always taught us to keep your eyes to the skies, and we do... and so ya know I would love to sit on your porch as well... blessed friendship for sure....

  3. Beautiful, Bevy! I'll be right there. And...coffee?? Did you say coffee? ;-) Hear me knocking?

    1. I do hear you knocking...
      I'll make some more coffee, I'm sure!

      That would be so lovely... wouldn't it?

  4. I enjoyed visiting. I could have brought chocolate no-bakes and we could have switched some! I'm starting to mess around in the kitchen again now that I'm off school and the farmhouse kitchen is much bigger and nicer -- more cheerful.
    My daughter used to play dress up and I kept a lot of the clothes, scarves, jewelry, etc. in two suitcases --one was mine when I was a little girl so it's approx. 56 years old. Now the grandchildren like to dress up. :>) It looks like I may have two of them Friday. Then next Thursday I fly out to TX and will see the other girl and her brother. :>)

    1. Oooh, I would love to try some of those chocolate no-bakes. I think, I wonder if what you make is the same as what my husband would call Preacher Cookies. I have no idea why the name.

      Dress up ... especially with Grandma's things. How special!! May you enjoy each one of your grandkids and safe travels - heading to TX. We'll be thinking of you!!

  5. Oh my blueberry YUM our favorite I will be right over he he ! Wonderful post , I love porch sittin in my rocking chair with a cuppa tea and a sweet treat of course with blueberry in it , listening to the birds as the breeze blows cool fresh air across my face . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. There is not a better way to spend the day then as you describe. If only we could make it last - as this. Amen?

      Thanks for coming by, today my friend. Nice to have you visit..

  6. My computer had been on the blink so I have missed visiting with you.. That blueberry coffecake looks absolutely delicious.. I am dieting...:( So, the eye candy is wonderful... I can almost smell it.. I love Summer camps for kids...such a wonderful experience for them especially Bible camps..We need rain here...hoping we get some in a few days.. the temps have been really cool. in the 70's...20 degrees below normal.. its been fun catching up.. Be blessed!

  7. Thank you for the coffee and cake! It was delicious :) I enjoyed our visit on the front porch! It is humid here now too and I am able to dry 1 batch of clothes a day... Let's just say I have worn this skirt for 3 days now in fear of adding to my laundry pile! As a side note, the elderly woman in need of help responded on the blog to the inquiry of her location... It is northwest PA, south of Erie ~ We are nowhere near there... Perhaps you are (or know of something nearby)? Have a wonderful weekend, JES

  8. Oh, and thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!


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