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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nice little ramble...

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What a lovely day! Once again!  The weather couldn't be more perfect, than its been over the past couple of days... Delightful in every way!!  For sure.

Perfect kind of day for a ramble...

The past two days I've been talking {Bags by Bevy}, which I hope you didn't mind that I did.  I have to tell you -  yesterday morning I got a chance to sit down and sew up a second, semi-matching, Pocket Pouch to the one that I gifted out to a friend who was moving... which no sooner did I finish it up, take its photos, post it online, that it SOLD!!  right out from underneath me.  To which, I love that.  That sale made me feel good.. for it went off to another In-real-life friend of mine.  And, I'm glad.
It's in the mail, today!!  On it's way...

:: Hope Restored ::
large Pocket Pouch
SOLD to Staci S.

Were you home Sunday evening?  Perhaps trying to go to sleep when that wicked thunderstorm, with it's continual berating flashes of lightning, wouldn't stop?  Awesome!!  I say that because I do love me a good thunderstorm, but awesome, too, in the sense of WOW!  Someone - who is GOD!, the Creator of Heaven and Earth - certainly held us in the palm of HIS HAND!!  I can't say for sure, but I thought I heard - for a long time - sounds of a tornado in the clouds that might not ever have touched down, in our area.  I have no idea... it really did sound like a rumbling freight train coming through.

Scott and I were so glad the kids slept through it all..

Earlier in the afternoon, my brother (and his girlfriend!) asked to borrow our van.  Well, first they treated us to a pizza lupper.  (late lunch, early supper) To which I tease and say - you were just trying to butter us up, weren't you?
But, they asked to borrow our van - with the back seat down - so that they could go get something and bring it home.  They're sneaky like this. lol!

Yup!  They brought home one of these.  A Go-Cart!!  But, an adult sized, pedal one.  With an adjustable seat.  WE ALL CAN TAKE TURNS... yes, even I...got a chance to check it out!  Of course, the wagon got pulled out, too as you saw, so that more could be in on the fun, at once.  The Go-Cart conveniently has a hitch...for such things. :)  Gotta love it!!

My brother is -- Too fun!!
By the way, this is the kids Uncle who lives as a next -door neighbor to us... whom we don't see that often, believe it or not?

The kids (Aubrey and Caleb)  are in their final week of Summer (Camp Good News!) Camp... they have loved every.single.bit. of it!!  I keep asking them if they're camped out yet - and NO WAY!!  is their duo reply.  Seriously..

I am just a tad - ready for camp to be over.  I'm ready for some other family fun - days - to do together before the start of school on the 25th of August
However, I'm so, so glad they could attend camp and really have a blast doing so together - as sister and brother!  They've made lots of friends, memories and have learned a lot more of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ!!

I made a very small batch of Pickle Relish - on Monday evening.  I can't remember if I shared the recipe with you before, or not, but this one is rather simple and it's relatively easy.  All except for when you get through all the process and are adding ingredients to get the mixture up to a good boil and you realize you're out of turmeric.  Not even the neighbor(s) have any on hand to borrow - just one teaspoon - so, I have to quick run out to the grocery store... just for that!!

I wasn't sure if I'd have enough cucumber on hand for the recipe and so I contemplated using some zucchini as a substitute.  I know it can be done!!  My mom has made a Zucchini Relish before... but, I ended up having enough cucumber to get the job done!!  I'm hoping for a few more cucs in the near future to make a couple more batches of this... as it has surely become a relished favorite.  :)

I can share the recipe if you'd like.  Let me know if you're looking for a winner...

Oh, and how the wash dried so nicely on the line - yesterday!   Wowzers!!

I actually really enjoyed my "homemaking Mama moments" yesterday.  With the laundry going, the kitchen cleaned up and a good chicken dinner in the oven.  The day couldn't have ended more perfectly than to hear all three of my blessings out in the backyard - just playing to their heart's content.  Laughing, running and hilarity...to the quiet hush of the three of them just sitting still and talking together in a huddle on the lawn.

My kitchen window and my hands in the dishwater were a soothe to the soul yesterday!!  For sure...

Well, that was until my hubby came home from work and from an added on meeting that brought him home well after dark... we sat down to a cup of coffee and bowl of Ice Cream...his two listening ears were wonderful!!

Yes!! even that beat the rest of the day - by a long shot!!

Thanks for reading, today!!

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day.  All that's needed is a little something out of the ordinary...{Nichole Johnson}


  1. Lovely! That sure sounded like a wonderful day!! I love the adult size, peddle powered go-cart - so neat!!! Your relish looks yummy!! I've never made any....I haven't done any canning to date actually...should get on that, now shouldn't I?!?

    1. Are you asking for the recipe? Perhaps it'll be it's own post one of these days... keep an eye out for it.

      Yes! you should get on it. I'm not the world's most fabulous canner person, but I can say with pride I have done some (not just with pickle relish!) and more will happen yet - this year!! :)

  2. Looks and sounds like all is well and fun there ! Wonderful post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. So glad you had a beautiful day... and the GO-Cart I am sure is super fun... I am sure your littles loved it... The relish looks delish... we(my stepmon and myself) will be making Green Tomato Relish.. next week... Today, I was gifted 10 doz of fresh corn.... yummy... Freezing some gifted Tomatoes, and I purchased 8 lbs of fresh green beans, some to cook and I hung some to dry for Leather Britches... and the weather has been nice here... we did however have a little shower though.. but that was ok....

    Today was also a heart heavy day for me... My dad went to the dr... and they started him on dialysis spur of the moment... I cried so hard, to see him have to go this route but the start of it is over and went really well... He has humbled so much... so pray for him... thanks...
    Also, a friend of mine age 51 had a major heart attack on Monday, been on LIfe Support, but in the morning unless there is a miracle, she will be going to HEAVEN.... so please pray for her family...
    plus my daughter's friend age 16, went for a yearly checkup (sickly child her whole life) and they found a softball size tumor under her ribs... they are leaning toward Ewing Sarcoma Cancer... this family has been thru so much.... but they know GOD is in Control...
    and Bevy lets join together for a moment and remember and pray for Amanda and her friend... Bee Stings are horrible... and so sad to hear of her friend...
    I know its alot on this post, but I know you are there sweet friend... Thanks for your friendship... hugs as always.... xoxo

    1. update..... my friend is going to be transported to Cleveland Hosp... they will continue to keep her on Lifesupport until they see what the drs there say... keep praying.... thanks..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Oh Connie!! This is so much, but NEVER too much for our Heavenly Father who cares. He is the Healer!!
      The Great Physician.
      Sometimes this healing comes in ways we don't understand.
      Miraculous healings can occur, but ofttimes the ultimate healing occurs in taking our loved ones HOME!!
      Our hearts break...and he heals there,too!

      I'll be thinking of your dad, your daughter's friend... and Amanda and her friend's family - left behind! (I had no idea until I read your comment, here, about Amanda...wow!) that is so, so sad. I'll certainly be posting this on FB...like Amanda requested.

      And, PRAYING, too!!

      Thank you, for sharing all this today!

      PS: I have to ask, what are Leather Britches? dried green beans?? You sound like you're going to be one busy lady, here, too!!

    4. Thank you so much for understanding such a long post and a heavy hearted one... My dad is doing ok, his legs are swollen pretty bad... but he is in good spirits... My friend they are sending her to Cleveland Hosp as soon as a bed opens up... and Kylie's friend got the news today that it is Cancer... she is 16 and starts Chemo Monday... I didnt know how to post Amanda's post on fb... so thank you for doing that... and then I reposted from there... hopefully this will help...
      Bevy I agree with all you said, about sometimes the healing is going home.. and yes he heals the ones that are left here too... Thank you for praying... and I was gonna send you just an email, but I thought maybe the more Praying would be a great thing... Thanks again... I think I really need a blog... lol... I created one but I am lost after that.... and my patience with this computer stuff isnt my strong suit... I always think I could use a hammer to fix it... lol... Take care, and thanks again.... xoxo

    5. Leather Britches are just that dried green beans.... beans that are strung on thread, or twine and hung in the air like a screen porch or something... they will shrivel up and totally dry out... then when winter hits, you take them down I rinse them off then I cook them in a pot with a big bunch of bacon and salt and pepper... they taste different than normal green beans... and they are chewy... but its something that my grandparents did and my dad... so I now have the pleasure of having a mess too... One thing that I did was snap the beans before I strung them, when I should have left them whole... I hope this all made sense.... lol.... xoxo

  4. How fun is that Go-Cart??!!!
    Big Kids have all the cool toys.

    Have you ever read the short story, "When Queens Ride By"?
    I'll send it to you!

  5. You have one super brother! And I love the new Bevy Bag! AWESOME...love everything about it, even the name!

  6. Oh Bevy, your handcrafted creations are a joy for anyone who gets them.. I am so glad they sell so fast.. I know I love my rag rose pendant.. It is so special to have something from one of my blog sisters...I am so glad your enjoyed the thunder storm and not tornado.. I know there was bad weather all around us but we were spared rough winds, hail and heavy rain.. we did have a great thunder storm. I had a dear friend from Tennessee who came to visit. She has been going through a rough time.. It was good to minister to her.. We have had some super cool days lately.. It has been wonderful. I love these low 70's temps.. I have enjoyed hearing about your wonderful happy and blessed family. May God's grace and peace continue to rest upon your home.. You are a real blessing!

  7. That Go Cart looks like a blast- I bet lots of fun will be had with that!

    I love the last part of this post- "your husband has good listening ears"
    The favorite part of my day most days is that few moments the Husband & I get to sit down and have a conversation!

  8. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I wanted to tell you in case you try the sharpie mug idea, a friend told me that the ink wanted to run when she sprayed her's with a sealer. I didn't have that problem with mine, but I would recommend just doing a very light coat the first time and letting that dry before spraying it another time or two.
    Good job on the pocket pouch, so cute!


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