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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Splashes of Joy

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It's great being thought of by someone else.  But, what about when it's your turn?  Your turn to bless and encourage and share...?

I like this thought; something I found while reading in my devotional time this morning..and was encouraged by it!
I thought I would share it with you, too!

From Barbara Johnson.
She writes.

"When we do little acts of kindness that make life more bearable for someone else, we are walking in love as the Bible commands us.  One way to do this costs only the sum of a postage stamp, a little paper, and ink.
Every one of us has felt the nudge to write someone a letter or a note.  Many times we don't follow up on it; we tell ourselves it wouldn't matter anyway.  When we think this way, we miss giving and receiving splashes of joy."

How about that?  Are you giving and receiving splashes of joy?  When was the last time you felt this?  When was the last time you spread the love around, like this?

All good questions.  Something to think about.

The only real way to have J O Y... is to put Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between.

Jesus and others and you.
What a wonderful way to spell JOY.
Jesus and others and you,
In the life of each girl and each boy.
J is for Jesus, for he has first place,
O is for others we meet fact to face,
Y is for you in whatever you do,
Put yourself third, and spell JOY!

((this is just another S.S. song I remember from childhood..))


  1. Love the quote you've shared here today, Bevy. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Oh, little do you know.. how much of a wonderful day I had. God is so good!

  2. Bevy, what a blessing to give or recieve... and what a wonderful way to express it... Splashes of Joy and honoring God with it all... Bless you friend.... xo

  3. Hey Bevy, I received a Splash Of Joy from someone special... and I think you know who that is... Loved it... thank you... such sweet words... xoxo

    1. Interesting! ;) (I totally forgot all about that when I posted this... seriously!) I'm glad you were blessed..

    2. It was so cool that it came in the mail the same day of this post.... Now that is timing... lol

  4. Hey! Love that "splashes of joy!" - I will have to remember it, I know I like to do it, but I love the term coined here!! Today's phone call was a sure splash of joy...I lost track of the time...maybe it was more of a 'dunk of joy'?!?! ;)

    1. You bet! I'll agree ....I lost track of time, too! But it was worth it... thanks for the phone call!

    2. I loved this post.. Splashes of joy that is so neat.. I need to do more of it.. xo

  5. What a beautiful way to encourage us in the joys of splashing a little love around. Letter writing warms my heart and I'm encouraged afresh today with your post, as both recipient of letters and writer of them, too.
    Dotti :)


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