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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Day Fun!

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Long Summer Days - 
What to do?  What to do?
At a suggestion by my bloggy friend Kaitlin - while her and I were visiting over the telephone!
A fun treat!  Indeed.

We pulled out equal parts of:
Mixed well.  Divided it among the muffin tin and added a few drops of food coloring to each cup and stirred.
{all in all, I only used a 1/3 cup of each...and it was plenty}

Add in a brush.
A willing heart!
An exuberant heart!
And, we soon were content to create the masterpiece of the moment!

Only to get washed away by the heavy rains that fell later that evening!
Which is why this is such great stuff!!!
They can paint the house... RED!  and it'll get washed off - simply - with water.
I kinda like that.  A lot.

There is always another day to do some more.
Because, I know of two older siblings who felt they missed out on such grandeur...
We'll have to comply and make up another batch, before too long, where we can all join in...and fight over the brush!  eh??   That always happens, doesn't it?

Part of the Summer Days!

Great idea, Kaitlin! 
Thank you...so much.
Friends!  Do me a favor and go say "Hello!" to Kaitlin.  Show her some good ole US of A love.
It's gettin' a little lonely in her parts of Canada, she says. 


  1. Hahahaahah!! You are TOO cute Bevy!!! hahahah!! I'm only lonely for YOU all to move here!! But I'd love some good ol' U.S. of A hospitality! I'm glad you and Jayne had a great time, painting the HOUSE red! ;) Such a simple and fun craft and nature does the clean up - what could be better!?!?!

  2. Oh, you just gave me an idea for April Fools day (which around here is almost any day or time).
    Look out Tom, I have a plan!

  3. Oh what a clever idea...and easy cleanup... And yes , you will have to make it a family affair... just remember to take pics... Memories in the making... Good clean FUN.... lol...

  4. This looks like so much summer fun Bevy!


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