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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Daybook in August

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FOR TODAY ~ The third Monday of August.

Outside my window... the longest line ever of kids clothes, drying in the sun!  I promise! With sheets and towels to follow.  As well, the meadow is full of sparkles as the dew drops have hit it pretty good this morning!  I also hear Mr. A. - our farmer-landlord - calling for his cows to come on in out of pasture.   It's all beautiful.

I am thinking... how blessed we are. We sure have had beautiful weather all summer long.  Speaking of Summer.  I'm thinking of...just how fast the Summer has gone by!  Amazed that school is right around the corner.  I'm thinking I'm a little bit excited about that - for the kids.  They're ready!!

I am thankful... for a place to plant some garden - after all - this year! and for the yield the garden is producing. More than we need, for sure!  It sure is loads of fun to share... and share I HAVE!

More of Aubrey's photo taking!!
In the kitchen... are, 7 more quart jars of canned green beans and about 5 more pints of relish!  Still on the counter waiting to get put away from last week.  They're put away!!  Nice and neat on the canning shelves. The week before - I had done about the same or more of each - plus Bread & Butter pickles.
BTW:  the beets are still in the ground.  My mom persuaded me to let them get just a tad bigger.  I'll most likely get to them this week... sorta planning on doing them tomorrow!

You know it is the thick of summer when meals consist of fresh sweet corn, cucumber appetizers (post forthcoming!) and sliced tomatoes (for BLT's) with chunks of watermelon for dessert.  :)  What gets better than that?

I am wearing... a pink and yellow striped tee shirt with a long blue jean skirt...

I am creating... quite the schedule for this week.  Jamming it all in before school starts - on the 25th!

I am going... to have drive Aubrey to her Kindergarten, this year, and then she'll get to ride the bus home - with her older brother.  Here is where I might be going today!  I've been collecting quite the van-load of items to be hauled off to the local thrift store!!  Good feeling...as always.

I am wondering... I got some loose-leaf tea the other day - upon recommendation from a friend.  It's called Herban Lyme Away, purchased HERE! (It's what is in the mug!!) ... I'm wondering how it will help "overall" in feeling better.  The truth is... I already am, even without the tea.  I've talked about the relapse feeling (from this tick bite and Lymes that I had contracted last year!) that I've had early on this summer... and how awful it's been.  I think that that is passing.. and how I know is by judging in how long I've been lasting - being in my kitchen all day - canning, etc.

I am reading... a few *new-to-me* blogs have caught my attention, recently.  I like to check in on them every now and again.  My Freshly Brewed Life, is one.  And, Remnants, is another!
I've met these through the Five Minute Friday link-up, that I have recently been enjoying being a part of. There are a couple of others, too!  Such as; Where Your Treasure Is  and Artful Homemaking.  Enjoy!!

I am hoping... to host yet another MUGS & MUFFINS (which includes a guest post, a great giveaway and a muffin recipe) - come September!!  I just wanted to spit a bug in your ear about it.  Stay tuned..

I am looking forward to... a Wedding in a couple of weeks.  My cousin, Sarah, is getting married and it's exciting to see my "younger" cousin all grown up and getting married.  Makes me tear up!

Around the house... lots and lots of drawings & various artwork pieces by a certain - near six year old. The other day she pulled petals off a few of my verbena flowers or was it the zinnia... and found a glue bottle - she was "remaking" her own flower(s) and gluing them on to paper.  Yes! I took a few photos of that, too!

I find dolls with toilet paper dresses held on with rubber bands.  Bracelets made out of plastic cups and scotch tape...
the girl keeps me on my toes!!  All of us, really!

I am pondering... a couple of things.  ((Are you ready? here we go!))
- Does my shy side ever come across as that I am snobby?  I think about that sometimes and it worries me.
- Am I teachable?  And, there is a difference between being teachable and being gullible.  You do know that, right?  lol!

A favorite quote for today... actually it is more like a favorite scripture right now...
In everything ... present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7 NIV

One of my favorite things... listening to my son with a few of his "great ideas".  You know.. he's seven.  And, he's a thinker!  He'll often come up to me with - "hey Mom, I have an idea..." and off he is with trying out his latest and greatest invention.  What I love best is that Dad will get in on the idea - helping to make it happen - for him (Caleb!) to really see and test out his theory.

Fun times! and yes, unfortunately, there are some tears...

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We're looking at a few play-dates this week.  Also - canning red beets (most likely!), like I mentioned. I think Grandma Susie is coming in for a few days, from outta state. For real, this time. I say that because I think I mentioned this last time I posted for this daybook, that she was coming, and her plans cancelled.  But, Jayne's 3rd birthday is this coming Sunday!!  and Grandma just has to be here for that!  Of course...

Can you believe my baby will be three??  I can't either.

Oh, and I've been roped into making a tri-fold poster board display for my son's Scout pack...thanks to my hubby with his Cubmaster role... I'm happy to help!  IF that doesn't get done this week... at least it will till the end of the month or soon thereafter.

PS: I forgot to mention - we'll be having a Corn Party (1,000+ ears) on Saturday... up at my sister's place.

A peek into my day...

I've posted this photo before, once... but it is truly what my line looks like this morning!!

LOVE, love, LOVE!!!

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  1. Great to read all about you and what your life is full of! Your life sounds quite full indeed. Wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and stopping by when I can. I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my own blog! To find out more about it, please come on over http://bitsofthepastandpresent.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/liebster-award-ah-shucks/
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Loved your busy post, Bevy.. Your pics are endearing and homey... xoxo

  3. Such a beautiful post... I love all the creativity and the green beans... reminded me of my Mamaw... when she strung beans.... lovely....

  4. Your kids sound very creative!
    Enjoy your jam packed week my friend :)

  5. As always the daybook entries are my favorite. And today the photos are quite lovely to go along with it too. The beans are so pretty and healthy.

    Your days look busy and full and I'm thanking the Lord for all the goodness...the preserving, the plans, the crafting and good old summer days.

    p.s. I love that blue mug!

  6. Oh, I love posts like this! Peeks into your every day life!

    Forgive me, but I am jealous of your green bean harvest! : )

    Do you have a recipe for pickled beets? This year my garden really did well on beets and my mother LOVES pickled beets but I never made them before. I am not sure if you posted one already, if you have please let me know! Her 70th birthday is on the 30th (I am so grateful for this!) and I would love to give her a few jars as part of her gift. Homemade with love, you know? : )

  7. Just popped over from the daybook to say hello. I enjoyed reading yours :)


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