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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A moment to remember...

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The Best Day Ever!

This was Caleb's second day of school... and Aubrey's first official day!

We implored our son, "Listen Caleb... this will be Aubrey's first time riding on the school bus.. be sure to care for her...keep her safe."

He made me proud, yesterday!

It is hard to tell by that first photo there, that they were holding hands as they slowly crossed the street, together.  But the second their feet hit the driveway... they were off in a flash!  Racing to the front porch and Mama's open arms.  Well... I had to take a few photos first.

As you can see by their smiles... this was indeed... the best day ever!

And a smile - just as big - was thrown across my heart.  To stay.
This was a moment to remember.


  1. Give those kidos a hug from me!
    How cute is that?
    And give yourself a hug from me, too.
    Well, done "Mama"!!!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww!!! LOVE these photos!! So adorable!! Mine start back on Tuesday - crazy!!!

  3. So Sweet
    Glad they had a great 1st day :)

  4. Yes Bevy, a wonderful moment to remember... So glad they came home with smiles on their faces... Beautiful Photos...

  5. Aww, your kiddies are growing up. Glad they had a good first day.

  6. Looks like they had a wonderful first day...and lots of love for Mama when they got home! : )

  7. What sweet kids you have! I love that first photo of them holding hands. We are doing a mix of school and homeschooling this year. My two youngest are attending a public 2 room school house....that is just lovely.


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