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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Wednesday Whatever and (all with) Aubrey's help!

. . ... ... ... .. ... .. ... .. .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . .
This is going to be one of those random, whatever, comes out of the mind and into the typing sort of posts!
Sometimes they're the most fun that way.
Sometimes it's up to the reader to keep reading (cause it's boring!)... and I don't blame them.

Anyway... here we go!
This photo was taken by my Aubrey!  Do you see the "hearts" in the ivy?  Love it!!!!
My near six year old LOVES to walk around with Mama's camera and snap away.  So, I let her, from time to time.  You know! - I can't put a cap on it and say just take five photos.  I try.. but what's the use.  She ran that thing until the batteries died.  Quite honestly, I'm surprised there was any room on that thing to hold any more "photos".  Either its' that or the fact that my battery truly doesn't hold for very long.  That's probably more the fact and reason she had to stop!
But!!  Whenever Aubrey does this and what she finds to take photos of ... always makes me smile. It's always the perspective that gets me.   Have a look!

Thumbs up to the green grass?  No, it's the nail polish she's lovin,  I bet.
View across the way... look at that sky!
Someone's version of picking flowers!
Making her mark!
Something "new" we added to the kids playset...out back!
Loving that nailpolish...still!
Her Selfie!!
This completely cracks me up!  And, those freckles... :) love them.

I guess it was Monday!  We had a lovely large yellow butterfly come by and hang out with us - at the washline.  As I was hanging up clothes, it's shadow falling on the grass at my toes was what caught my eye.  I told Aubrey - let's go get my camera - because it had been right there with us for a really long time, and so fun to watch. I was hopeful that I could capture it in photo form... here on the "flowers of the line".  I mean, I could have just picked it right up with my fingers... I was that close.  Just as I snapped...it fluttered out of view! and she took off...up over the tree...into the bright blue and out into the field.

So, I was quite busy in the kitchen yesterday!
First off.
It was raining all day.  Making it seem quite cozy in the house here.  But... I had five kids.  Two of which were not my own.  Keeping them "wrangled" and pleasant and consistently polite... was like capturing a greased pig with a rope made of jello.  They have those you know! (read; sarcasm!)
I make it sound like it really was out of control.  Honestly, it wasn't that bad.  Surprisingly, though! The problem was, was that I kept waiting for the ball to drop.  You know?  Only because, so quickly it can!

I had canned seven quart of green beans the evening before!  What irked me was that two didn't seal.  The one eventually - I forced it to.  But, it's in the lineup to use first.   So, those six remaining were sitting proudly in my kitchen inspiring me to keep at my next project.
This next project was to do up cucs (I probably had a basket full) for Bread & Butter pickles and another batch of Pickle Relish!
I ended up canning 13 pint of pickles and the batch of relish - gave me a yield of 4 1/4 pints.

One of the jars of relish was already gifted out to the friend who gave me some the cucumbers!
I promised her a jar of relish!!

I go again on Thursday Morning (Ahh...that's tomorrow already!) to pick more of the same!  And this time - red beets will be coming home with me, too.  That's always a fun project...colorful... and messy!  But, oh!!
We can't wait for Pickled Beets!  They're a true fav around our home!

So, yesterday, I was quite proud of myself... keeping up with the kitchen mess and all...while doing this canning project.  And, wouldn't you know - after a quick dinner of Baked Fish and Macaroni & Cheese...we ran out the door to head to our kids school for the final Summer Reading Book Blast...where they were serving up hot dogs and stuff!  Somewhere Caleb still had a hollow leg to fill and ate a hot dog to boot!  The girls thought they needed one, too!   Well, all that to say is, they agreed to share one and of course; they didn't. Meaning they shared but couldn't eat all of their halves.   Whatever!

But, what I was going to say is that somehow...somehow...overnight!... the kitchen was back to it's rivaling unkempt state.  I didn't do it.

I'll take the raindrops that remain on the windowpane and flowers picked by my girls the other day!  And, that could be a whole nother story.

I love my husband!
I'm truly a patient person I suppose, because over the course of time...in our marriage...we have had a couple of small kitchen appliances and gadgets lose their umph due to something broken or gone missing! and I haven't said much about it. Recently, somehow - he's gotten wind of these things, and since has gone out to some online appliance parts store and ordered me my new "replacement" parts.
One of them being for our large crockpot; something I haven't had to use now for what, five years?  Partly because I've worked around it.
But... now we're back in business.  Thanks to my husband for hunting down what I needed... and now I feel obligated to use this thing.

I need to make a dessert for an upcoming PIGnic!
Any suggestions for a crockpot made dessert?

Yes, you read that right!

Scott, my husband, is now heavily involved in our son's Scout adventure... and because we have connections he was able to score a pig for a Pig Roast - a picnic - with Cub Scouts and their families, for this coming Saturday.

Looking forward to it!

Well, I have a lot going on today!  A lot and, as well, a lot of nothing.  I'm glad.
Caleb's going off to a friends' house this afternoon.  The girls and I have a few errands to run!

It's time to feed the munchkins some breakfast and further tackle the kitchen.  Oh, and that laundry from Monday - yes, that still needs put away.
Boy, my coffee sure has been delightful this morning.  More like necessary!
It's only 8-ish or so in the AM and I think I'm already on my third cup!

Talk to you later?
One final thing!

Do you like our latest in wall art?  I do.  I'd rather markers get put to use this way, on paper plates, instead of bodies and carpet.  But, once again!  A story for another time.  Maybe it's best to let it rest. :)

Thank you, Aubrey!!


  1. Good morning Bevy!!! I had a few minutes this morning and I thought I would catch up on reading some blog posts. Your post today made me feel like I had a phone conversation with a close friend catching up on all the lastest. I loved it!!! Hope you have a great day!!! Oh, and tell Aubrey I loved the pics she took, too. Melanie P.

  2. Oops...latest not lasted. HA! The wind was blowing and something blew off my kitchen windowsill and broke a dish in my sink. That's what happens when I don't check on what I had typed before I got sidetracked. Melanie P.

    1. that's okay - I knew what you meant. :)

      thanks for coming by here... and checking in! I greatly appreciate it.

  3. I agree with Melanie, that this post is like talking with you!
    First of all, I love that you let Aubrey take your camera and that you share with us, her inspirations.
    So cute!
    Great "talking" with you!
    Have a great week and enjoy the PIGnic! Be sure to let us know who it was.

    1. Who what was? Who made the mess in the kitchen? It still wasn't me.. :)

      Thanks for coming by, as usual. I love it when you do!!

  4. Slow Cooker Candy
    1 box German Chocolate cooking chocolate
    12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
    48 oz almond bark (or 24 oz almond bark and 24 oz milk chocolate bark)
    1 16 oz jar dry roasted unsalted peanuts
    1 16 oz jar dry roasted salted peanuts
    (may substitute any dry roasted nut similar in size)
    Chop all chocolates and place into a slow cooker. Pour peanuts over. Cover and turn onto low and allow to cook without interruptions for 3 hours. DO NOT OPEN THE LID. DO NOT STIR. DO NOT DO ANYTHING. After three hours, spread several cookie sheets with waxed paper. Turn off slow cooker, uncover, and stir contents for 4 or 5 minutes or until completely blended. Chocolate will not lose its shine. Don’t worry about that. Using a soup spoon, dip up candy and drop onto waxed paper. You may want to stir pot several times while dipping out the candy. Allow to cool and you are ready to eat. There is no need to refrigerate this candy.

    This is great for gift giving at Christmas time.

    1. Oh boy!! You've answered the call!! A crock-pot dessert if I've ever seen one. Wowzers!

  5. Aubrey is quite the photographer and I must admit..."I love her nail polish too"! My morning usually consist of at least 3 cups of much enjoyed coffee.. I am not a big breakfast eater...I drink several great cups of coffee instead. Your days sounds busy but enjoyable..I canned green beans, salsa and spaghetti sauce...I literally hate canning tomatoes.. It was raining outside so all was done in the kitchen.. I found tomato splashes in places I did not it could be...lol Have fun getting that kitchen clean...I mean that in the best of ways..lol The kitchen is always a mess after canning around here.. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Blessings!

    1. You're tomato story - and hate of canning them - reminds me of my own version with canning beets. They make such a mess... but oh, so worth it!!

      Speaking of beets. They're still in the garden... as of today (Thursday!) - my mom convinced me to let them get a hair larger. Early next week! I was blanching beans and freezing them today. I think I got about 10-12 quarts but I tucked another bag of them in the fridge to can for tomorrow... I just pooped out and couldn't tackle them all. I looks like another day in the kitchen tomorrow. I pray for energy... I really, really do.

  6. I LOVE Aubrey's photos!!!! Her selfie is priceless!!! And yes, THOSE freckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I greatly enjoyed this post....almost like being in person...almost....

    Can't tell you how much I LOVE homemade pickled beats.....and pickles....just saying....

    LOVED the greased pig and jello lasso!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    1. Cant' wait for you to come visit so you can try it all... and I'm glad somebody liked my greased pig and jello lasso analogy. It took some serious thought for that one. :)


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