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Thursday, August 7, 2014

{Bags by Bevy} Past, yet Present

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Yet again, another Bags by Bevy, story for you to enjoy!  Thanks for reading..

Some time ago, this dear friend; a gal who attends the same church as I and who lives along our same road, asked me to do a special favor for her!
 Make something out of something else..

I have helped Karen with several items, over the years, from my Etsy shop; Homespun Baby! shoes and Pocket Pouches and of course a few bags...mostly which she gave out as gifts.  I guess you could call her a "frequent flyer", part of the fan club, if you will, and I really do appreciate her business.  She's great!!!

So, when Karen came to me with this request - although, I really do shy away from doing any custom -custom orders, I was willing to take a listen and work with her desire to change out this coat out into a personal, over-the-shoulder, hippie style bag.
Karen found the style-idea she had, online, and gave me a printout...with which to follow.  Of course, I knew I wanted and needed to add my own twist to it, which she was completely excited about... my twist came through with the hand-embroidery and the three-button signature, located on the front side pocket.

It was one evening while my husband, Scott, and son, Caleb, were away on a Scout Overnight Camping trip that I began the process of cutting apart this coat.  I felt strange doing this, maybe timid is more the word!... because though there is nothing really that elaborate, necessarily, about the coat jacket...it held a dear spot in Karen's heart and I really wanted to be careful.
This coat jacket was given to her by her now late husband, a story I don't know much about...and that's okay.  Karen told me that although she never really wore the coat much, anymore, nor probably would again, she felt that perhaps having it changed out into a bag would make it feel more precious to her.  Another way to hold her memories dear!

Because of her story and the memories she holds close, I named the bag:
:: Past, yet Present ::
SOLD to Karen K.
(Custom, medium sized bag, with one large-over-the-shoulder handle)
The bag features a large, roomy pocket, with a pen holder...on the inside.

We won't talk about the fact that I've had to shorten up the handle and rework the sewing... but it's all good now!  I'm telling you, She's great!!

Thank you, Karen for your patience and for your purchases both in the past and in the present.  I appreciate you!!  I really, really do.


  1. I am sure your friend loved it... It reminds me of "A coat of many colors". And what a great way to remember her late husband... You did good... XO

    1. Thank you, Connie! She did love it... a lot. I'm glad, too! Doing anything custom like that makes me seriously nervous - because WHAT IF? - what it the person doesn't like it after all - after I spent all that time and energy to make it happen. That is why I don't do "custom" very often...I really have to know the person and what they want before I go ahead.


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